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Notice of Proposed Bylaws Change

To the Membership of Texas Professional Photographers Association, Inc.,

In June of 2016, the TPPA Membership voted to update the Bylaws for the first time in almost 20 years.  This move allowed TPPA to streamline our governing document and remove various items that are properly dealt with in a policy manual.

Recently, the TPPA Executive Council began working on advancements to the TPPA Annual Photographic Competition when it was realized that the Bylaws in Article II Sec. 10, references a rule for our competition that really needs to be a part of our competition operations manual and not in the Bylaws.  Here is the proposed change:

Proposal: Modify Article II Section 10

Remove references to print competition in membership description.

Justification: Print competition rules do not need to be in the bylaws. Print competition rules change frequently and are done under the supervision of the Print Competition Committee and Executive Council.  Requiring a general membership meeting to make changes is nonproductive. Including print rules in the bylaws in only some of the membership categories also creates inconsistency.

 Article II Sec. 10. Professional and Active members shall enjoy all rights and privileges of the association, including the right to hold office, entering of prints in competition, voting on all matters, receiving of magazine, and other rights as may be or become available. Life members have all rights as Professional members. Staff Associate and Student members may not hold office or vote, or enter print competitions, unless a category is offered for those members. These members will receive the magazine. Staff Associate members may not hold office in this association, vote or enter print competition but will receive the magazine. (9) (10)

Cost: None

Responsibility: Trey Homan Effective: Immediately

With this notice, we have this proposal for membership review.  This will be presented in the form of a motion to change the Bylaws.

This Bylaws change will be voted on by the general membership at the General Membership Meeting in San Marcos September 30, 2017 at Photogenesis.  The meeting begins at 1:30 PM in the Ballroom at the Holiday Inn in San Marcos.

By rule, we are posting these proposed changes on August 22, 2017 to provide our membership with a 30-day notice of a vote to change the TPPA Bylaws.

Trey Homan
TPPA President

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