The “Texas 10″ Fall Workshops

The “Texas 10″ is down to 4 now that 6 of the 10 workshops have come and gone. There is still time to grab a spot in one of the remaining 4 workshops, but space is filling FAST!

A Full Day of Fun for just $95 (Includes Your 2015 TPPA Dues!)
That’s right! Register for any of the “Texas Ten” workshops for $95 and get your 2015 TPPA Dues for FREE!

Register by October 3, 2014.  CLASS SIZES ARE VERY LIMITED.   Register now!

201004026_SteveBomar-134-Edit-2Fort Worth – Saturday, Oct. 4 (9am-5pm) Steve Bomar, CPP, will help you learn how to get more out of your photography as he covers the workings of your camera and why and how to shoot in manual mode with his presentation, “Shift from Auto to Stick Shift in 60th of a Second”. He will also cover composition and lighting techniques that will win you the ribbon. If you want to improve what you are doing behind the camera then this class is for you. Register now!

Steve’s group will meet at:
1904 Malibar Road, Fort Worth, TX 76116
Contact: 817-905-9241.

Fonzie Munoz BWCorpus Christi – Tuesday, Oct. 7 (10am – 4pm) Join Fonzie Munoz on Tuesday, October 7th from 10am to 4pm as he discusses exactly what off camera flash is and how to do it. It doesn’t matter if you are a Canon or Nikon photographer, off camera flash is the same. Lets get together and make some beautiful images. We will be using different lighting modifiers in different lighting situations. We will have outdoor lighting session as well as indoor lighting session. Register now!

Fonzie’s Class will meet at:
Fonzie Munoz Photography – 4501 So. Alameda, Corpus Christi, Texas 78412

10447199_10203934482024006_883027500_nHurst – October 12 (10am – 4 pm) Getting a head start on your Studio with Tom Thompson . Tom shares what you need and what you can do to get your studio going whether you have a large or small space. Ideas about lighting, backgrounds, model rooms, etc. The seminar will include some basic studio lighting setups and how to maximize the equipment you have and how to DIY for equipment you can’t afford. We will explain lighting ratios, metering, softboxes, strip lights, flags, etc. If you’ve already got a studio this will give you some ideas to help maximize your efficiency. If you don’t have a studio this will get you started with ideas about what space you’ll want and even how to make a studio in your home. Register now!

Doug_Box_Retouched_Large_Head_Shot_copyAustin – Oct 18 (10am – 5pm) Join Doug Box and Randy Kerr at Precision Camera and Video in Austin, TX as they present, “The Really, Really Easy Way to Create the Portraits You See in Your Mind” Sponsored by Precision Camera and Nikon Fellowship You see an image in your mind, but can’t capture it just like you want it. This is a fast track program to show you how to quickly choose the right lens and f-stop to create the perfect portrait. You will Randy_Kerr_Head_Shotalso learn how distance and posing to make your subject look their best. Bring your camera, this is a hands on class. No matter what camera you have and what level you are at, you will love the fun and relaxed teaching styles of Doug and Randy. Register now!