Are you interested in speaking or judging for TPPA?  If so, we would love to hear from you.

What does it take to be a judge for TPPA?
TPPA has set very high standards for our annual photographic competition.  That is why TPPA only considers approved IPC judges, or those who have attended the Judging School at IPC in Atlanta.

In 2020, our competition will be March 28 in San Antonio.  For jurors selected for our competition, TPPA pays for two nights lodging at the host hotel and a small stipend for judging, plus two merits from PPA.  TPPA does not cover travel expenses.  In some cases, we may be able to arrange a speaking program on the day prior to, or the day after the competition. It is our hope that this will help offset travel expenses should you be traveling to the event from outside of Texas.

We also require our judges to record critiques after the competition for those who purchase critiques.  We do provide payment for these critiques as well.  Please be sure you are familiar with Snagit or another screen capture software for recording your critiques.

If you have attended the judging school and wish to be a candidate for consideration, please complete the following application:

What does it take to be a speaker for TPPA?
TPPA has a very diverse program and events schedule.  We are always looking for unique programs and content to put in front of our membership. We offer programs throughout the year in addition to our I Heart Photography Conference in October, the Texas School of Professional Photography and our Texas School Precon Classes.

If you are a photographer in Texas and wish to be considered for a program, please make sure that you are a TPPA Member and that your TPPA Membership is current.

If you have a program or an idea that you would like us to consider, please complete the following application: