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Photographing Newborns A to Z

Cypress, Texas
March 20th
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Newborns A to Z
Hosted by Alison Montgomery

In this workshop you will learn how I style and prep for my sessions, what to do when the family arrives and you will be able to photograph the poses. I will talk you thru the poses as I do them and show you my workflow. We will also do some wrapping and you will get to practice 4 basic wraps to use in all your sessions.

After lunch I will show how I cull and edit my images and discuss how I present them to the client for the upsell. We will spend some time talking about Marketing and finish with a Q & A session.

Workshop participants will learn:

  • Instructing Mom prior to session to have the best session
  • Creative Marketing Ideas
  • Working with the you have no matter what size
  • Things to do for getting more bookings in the first year
  • Unique product offerings for the upsell.

TPPA Member Registration – $89
Non-Member Registration – $129
“Join and Go” Registration – $184



15119 Waverly Canyon Ct

Cypress, Tx 77429

Meet TPPA Member, Alison Montgomery

I am Mom to 2 amazing young men, Joshua Aaron and Caleb Joseph and wife of 29 years to the love of my life David. I am so in love with my new babies, my 2 Yorkie’s. Kaylee 10 and Charlie a rescue. In my spare time of which there is way to little, I love spending time with my boys, reading and taking cruises.

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CPP Exam Study Class

Two-Day CPP Study Class

DFW – March 21 – 22
Saturday, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

We would like to see you get certified and we are going to help you!

Join Steve Kozak for an exciting two-day prep class to help you prepare for taking the “Certified Professional Photographer” exam. Steve is not only a “PPA Approved CPP Instructor”, he is also the author of the “Preparing for PPA Certification” study guide.

This live class takes you step by step through the curriculum as presented in the CPP Test Specifications as presented by PPA.

Steve’s relaxed teaching style helps you absorb the material without making you feel overwhelmed. His conversational approach to teaching the concepts have made him a popular instructor and speaker.

This two-day prep class will help you gain confidence in your knowledge of the concepts and your ability to take on the exam with a whole new outlook.

Registration for the class includes two full days of review over the material with plenty of time for asking questions and clarification.

TPPA Member Registration – $129
Non-Member Registration – $159
“Join and Go” Registration – $224

Registration for this class also includes a $30 savings on an instant download of Steve’s, “Preparing for PPA Certification” Study Guide.  The guide is optional and not required for registration for the class.

CPP WB 1-29-16

This study guide addresses each of the topics covered on the CPP Test Specifications provided by PPA. It is written in easy to understand language that feels more conversational – not technical.

The guide is created in color and is filled with illustrations and images to support the process of learning the material and preparing for the test.

The book is available for immediate download in full resolution so that you can print it yourself or simply download it to your computer, iPad, tablet or smart phone.

Purchase of the study guide also includes a two-year Premium Membership to with access to seven practice exams that can be taken online. Tests include an “overall” test featuring questions from the entire set of test specifications as well as individual tests from each of the six separate topics.

The cost for the instant download of the book and the Premium Membership to which includes 7 practice tests and over 9 hours of study videos is only $69 with the discount code.

The discount code and exact location of the class will be provided in your confirmation email upon registration.

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TPPA Annual Image Competition

The TPPA Annual Image Competition
March 28, 2020
9:oo AM

Double Tree San Antonio Airport
37 NE Loop 410

Come watch the judging, live!

The purpose of this competition is to allow photographers to enter photographic images to be judged against a Standard of Excellence and to assist the entrants in preparation for PPA District or International Photographic Competition.

You are invited to attend the judging and watch it live.  It all takes place the the Double Tree San Antonio Airport on March 28.

TPPA has made some BIG changes for 2020, so be sure you check this out!

The 12 Elements of a Merit Image (For more information, go to will be used in accessing each image and applying a final score.

Through this competition, TPPA members are also eligible for awards and TPPA Points that count toward the Associate and Full Fellowship Degrees within TPPA.

The TPPA Executive Council is committed to creating excellence for TPPA members. One recent example of this commitment is the approval and purchase of two IPC caliber stations for judging digital entries at the Annual TPPA Photographic Competition in San Antonio. This station includes judging monitors, a dedicated computer and software to run the competition and the ability to project the images being judged onto a big screen for the audience to see.

This investment will serve the interests of our TPPA members. TPPA believes in the value of photographic competition to help build stronger artists and more profitable members. We take pride in using only Approved Jurors from IPCC and those who have attended the judging school at IPC who are working to become approved jurors. This makes the TPPA Photographic Competition a tough competition. Yet, it gives you the best feedback we can deliver on your images before you submit them onto district and IPC competitions.

Winning an award in Texas is a big deal and one you can be proud of. We encourage you to start preparing now to enter your images in the Annual TPPA Photographic Competition in San Antonio on March 28.

Check out BIG changes in the Annual TPPA Photographic Competition by clicking here!

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San Antonio Studio Crawl

Studio Crawl
San Antonio
March 28
2PM – 6PM

Join us on a grand tour of some of the most successful studios in San Antonio. The San Antonio Studio Crawl is your opportunity to see the studios of Trey and Elizabeth Homan, Hayward Gaude and Ross Benton.

This tour gets you behind the scenes and inside the minds of the owners as they share how they utilized the space they have and their thoughts behind the way they have set it up for success.

Remember, the TPPA Annual Photographic Competition begins at 9am, so you will have a lot of time to enjoy watching the live competition at the Double Tree San Antonio Airport.  The tour will depart the Double Tree around  2pm on Saturday, March 28 and continue until completed.

On Sunday, join us for live image critiques from some of the competition judges starting at 9am or register for the Leadership Training workshop from 9-4, both at the Double Tree.

Coming in from out of town?  Book your room at the Double Tree using the link below for a nice discount off the published price.



Book Your Room



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Priorities & Visioning for Your Association

Leadership Training: Priorities & Visioning for Your Association
March 29, 2020
San Antonio
9:00am – 5:00pm
Hosted by Steve Kozak

Are you currently serving on the leadership team for your affiliate? Are you a member of an affiliate looking to take on a future leadership role in a local guild or even TPPA? Then this is the program for you.

Join TPA Executive Director and PPA Board Member, Steve Kozak as he shares the principles and technique for creating a successful atmosphere in an association’s board meetings.

Steve will share some of the insights and education that are practiced with the PPA Board of Directors and the TPPA Executive Council.

The theme of this year’s training is, “developing the priorities and vision for your association”.

There is no doubt as to the value of board training and the impact this training has on the success of an association.

All officers and elected board members from each of the guilds in Texas and beyond are encouraged to attend this important training opportunity. Those who are considering future leadership roles in a local guild or even TPPA are also encouraged to attend.

This workshop is open to any member of a local guild, Texas PPA or PPA.

TPPA Member Registration – $29
Non-Member Registration – $39
“Join and Go” Registration – $124

Double Tree San Antonio Airport
37 NE Loop 410 at McCullough
San Antonio, TX 78216

Meet TPPA Member, Steve Kozak:

Steve Kozak is an active member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Texas Professional Photographers Association. Steve has earned the “Master of Photography” and the “Craftsman” degrees from PPA, and is PPA Certified. His work has also appeared in the prestigious “Loan Collection”. Professional recognition of his work includes the Masterpiece Award from Fuji Film USA.

Steve currently serves on the PPA Board of Directors and as the TPPA Executive Director. He is also a PPA qualified instructor for PPA Certification prep classes.

Steve has recorded over a dozen videos for the PPA EDU program. These videos include classes on the fundamentals of photography, manual flash photography, exposure, opening a new studio as well as videos for CPP study preparation.

He has taught 20 years at the prestigious Texas School of Professional Photography and 18 years at Imaging USA. He has also taught at the Mid-America Institute of Professional Photography, the East Coast School and Image Explorations near Victoria, British Columbia.

Steve’s articles have been published in The Professional Photographer and Texas Professional Photographer magazines. His informative and inspiring programs make him a popular instructor on the speaking circuit.


Priorities & Visioning for Your Association2020-01-10T00:11:57-06:00

Texas School of Professional Photography

One week that will change your career.

The Texas School of Professional Photography is unlike any other photo education out there.

What makes it different is the fact that you spend the entire week with one instructor in one class.  This provides you with a deep-dive into that instructor’s world in how they approach the craft.

Texas School offers 36 classes with a wide range of studies from a host of world-class instructors. Texas School is NOT a showcase of speakers where you sit and listen for 90 minutes with 1500 others in a ballroom.  Instead, you spend 5 days with your chosen instructor in a small class environment where you get hands-on with the latest gear and photograph models or work on your images or build your marketing assets.

Texas School is also unique in that it balances an intense week of study with a healthy dose of fun.  You work all day, but the evenings are for networking with photographers and vendors, letting your hair down on the dance floor, getting together in small groups to share ideas and ask questions or practicing the new skills you learned during the week.  No matter how you spend your evenings, you are immersed in the world that is Texas School and the culture of success.  All evening entertainment and all evening meals are included with your tuition.

Texas School features the largest photographic Trade Show in the south with over 60 vendors.  This incredible turnout of industry professionals will help you prepare for success  and adds value to your Texas School experience.

To learn more about Texas School and to find out why it is “The Best Little Photography School in the World, visit


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From Flowers to Fine Art

May 9, 2020
9am to 4pm

From Flowers to Fine Art
Hosted by Teri Whittaker

Come join us as Teri explains her different lighting strategies and lighting sources (for example:  window light with reflector or perhaps just ambient room light).

Her background options will be discussed (which might be poster board or a wall). She will also share how she uses the color wheel to make her color choices for the subject matter, background, and borders.

Teri will also explain her post production process and will share how to make a solid digital mat as well as a “textured” digital mat.  Then, after Teri gets done talking, we will have fun photographing flowers and doing the post processing to make our ‘works of art’!

Teri’s Class will also cover:

  • Taking on a personal project
  • Where to buy flowers
  • What to use for backgrounds
  • Techniques to consider for post processing
  • How to create a digital mat

TPPA Member Registration – $89
Non-Member Registration – $129
“Join and Go” Registration – $184


5407 Girnigoe Drive
Houston, TX 77084

Meet TPPA Member, Teri Whittaker
Contrary to most photographers’ history that she hears, Teri did not grow up with a camera in her hands. She was well into adulthood when, out of desire to accomplish a specific goal, she started researching cameras and lenses that would help her accomplish her mission.
Teri has primarily used her camera to create people portraits and photograph weddings; however, while undertaking a daily project that lasted 14 months, she found, along the way, that she developed a love for photographing flowers.

During her project, Teri discovered that her photography improved due to the commitment to photographing something daily…..photographing something just for herself. In fact, once she recognized that her photography was improving, it almost became an obsession. She explored lighting options and lighting setups that she had previously rarely, or never, used. Her photographic style was solidified as she experimented with various types of backgrounds and color harmony. Because she got tired of trying to find things that were interesting enough for her to photograph around her house, she latched on to purchasing flowers and having multiple days’ worth of subject matter. With this Teri stepped into the world of fine art photography.

Teri is an award winning photographer. She received her Certified Professional Photographer designation in 2011 and received her both her Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from the Professional Photographers of America.
Additionally, she has served on the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston (PPGH) board since 2012 and currently serves as PPGH’s 2019 Executive Director. Teri also is currently serving on the 2019 Texas Professional Photographers Association as a Councilor-at-Large.

Teri is a wife, a mom, and a mia (her grandmother name as she did not want to be called grandma). She and her family have had the opportunity live in places such as Alaska and Africa, and to travel much of the United States.
These days Teri primarily does general portraiture (people and pets), …….and…..photographs a whole lot of flowers….

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AT&T Stadium Photo Shoot

May 18, 2020

This is an unprecedented opportunity to photograph inside AT&T Stadium. This landmark home of the Dallas Cowboys has granted an extraordinary exception to TPPA to allow participants to photograph throughout the stadium without the usual camera and lens restrictions.

This event takes you throughout the stadium to find the best images, the best angles and the best exposures.

This is not the usual tour of the stadium, this is truly a photo session with rare access throughout. Bring your camera and a tripod and be prepared to come away with some breathtaking images.

TPPA Member Registration – $49
Non-Member Registration – $79
“Join and Go” Registration – $144


Location: AT&T Stadium in Arlington

AT&T Stadium Photo Shoot2020-01-09T23:54:54-06:00

Street Portraits Workshop

San Antonio
Saturday, May 23, 2020
8am to 5pm

One Soul at a Time: A Path to Capture the Essence of a Human
Hosted by Dennis Kelley, CPP

Ever wondered how someone became homeless or ended up living on the streets?  What’s their story and how many hands have touched their soul before their defining moment?  Follow Dennis as he teaches his philosophy on capturing unique story-telling imagery of homeless people. Discovering how to capture and tell a person’s untold story can be a challenge to yourself, both socially and mentally. As a photographer and artist, creating an image in which the viewer will feel the hardships of the subject can be even more challenging. Learning to challenge yourself is a critical process in taking your photography to new heights.

In this workshop, you will be guided to find your inner extrovert in an unforgettable experience of living and breathing photography on the streets in the culturally diverse San Antonio, Texas. In addition to the philosophical aspect, you will also learn about ethical boundaries and the legal aspects of street photography. Dennis will show you how to safely approach and interact with strangers to effectively capture their story. You will also learn what should be in your gear pack to give you character-defining light and much more. Everyone has an untold story… it is our job as artists to reveal the soul.

Dennis will cover:

  • Extracting the story/character development
  • Boundaries/Legal aspects of street photography
  • Essential gear
  • Approach & interaction
  • Character-defining lighting techniques

TPPA Member Registration – $89
Non-Member Registration – $129
“Join and Go” Registration – $184



10828 Gulfdale St., San Antonio, TX 78216

Meet TPPA Member, Dennis Kelley, CPP
Dennis Kelley is an award-winning, published professional photographer who lives in San Antonio, Texas. He loves all genres of photography but focuses mostly on sports and wildlife photography.

When Dennis was a child, his father worked as a photographer for the National Weather Service in Oklahoma.  His father’s stories and images spurred his interest in photography. After growing up using film cameras and many hours in the darkroom, Dennis originally pursued photography as a hobby after entering the police academy. After 20+ successful years in law enforcement, Dennis decided to retire and continue his pursuit of photography as a full-time professional. Dennis enjoys volunteering his time to several organizations, teaching others, and is always looking for the opportunity to capture the true beauty of nature and life. When not behind the lens, Dennis enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, music, and his greatest treasure… his 13-year-old son.

Dennis’ work has been recognized at local and state print competitions, being awarded the “Texas Top 10” for consecutive years.  His work has also been accepted into the prestigious PPA “Loan Collection,” been awarded the PPA Gold and Silver Photographer of the Year, and a Grand Imaging Awards (GIA) finalist.

Dennis currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Professional Photographers of San Antonio and is the Organizer of Capture San Antonio Photography. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of the Incarnate Word. He earned a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences from Texas State University and a Master of Science from Sam Houston State University.

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