May 9, 2020
9am to 4pm

From Flowers to Fine Art
Hosted by Teri Whittaker

Come join us as Teri explains her different lighting strategies and lighting sources (for example:  window light with reflector or perhaps just ambient room light).

Her background options will be discussed (which might be poster board or a wall). She will also share how she uses the color wheel to make her color choices for the subject matter, background, and borders.

Teri will also explain her post production process and will share how to make a solid digital mat as well as a “textured” digital mat.  Then, after Teri gets done talking, we will have fun photographing flowers and doing the post processing to make our ‘works of art’!

Teri’s Class will also cover:

  • Taking on a personal project
  • Where to buy flowers
  • What to use for backgrounds
  • Techniques to consider for post processing
  • How to create a digital mat

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Non-Member Registration – $129
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5407 Girnigoe Drive
Houston, TX 77084

Meet TPPA Member, Teri Whittaker
Contrary to most photographers’ history that she hears, Teri did not grow up with a camera in her hands. She was well into adulthood when, out of desire to accomplish a specific goal, she started researching cameras and lenses that would help her accomplish her mission.
Teri has primarily used her camera to create people portraits and photograph weddings; however, while undertaking a daily project that lasted 14 months, she found, along the way, that she developed a love for photographing flowers.

During her project, Teri discovered that her photography improved due to the commitment to photographing something daily…..photographing something just for herself. In fact, once she recognized that her photography was improving, it almost became an obsession. She explored lighting options and lighting setups that she had previously rarely, or never, used. Her photographic style was solidified as she experimented with various types of backgrounds and color harmony. Because she got tired of trying to find things that were interesting enough for her to photograph around her house, she latched on to purchasing flowers and having multiple days’ worth of subject matter. With this Teri stepped into the world of fine art photography.

Teri is an award winning photographer. She received her Certified Professional Photographer designation in 2011 and received her both her Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from the Professional Photographers of America.
Additionally, she has served on the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston (PPGH) board since 2012 and currently serves as PPGH’s 2019 Executive Director. Teri also is currently serving on the 2019 Texas Professional Photographers Association as a Councilor-at-Large.

Teri is a wife, a mom, and a mia (her grandmother name as she did not want to be called grandma). She and her family have had the opportunity live in places such as Alaska and Africa, and to travel much of the United States.
These days Teri primarily does general portraiture (people and pets), …….and…..photographs a whole lot of flowers….