Walk-up Workshops

These presentations are informal and allow you to learn from each coach and ask questions. The “Walk-up Workshop” party is on Friday night, Sept. 29 starting at 7PM at Photogenesis and is included with your registration. Here are just some of the workshops we have so far:

Composites and Banners and Posters, Oh My!
Randy Pollard


Compositing, once time consuming and anything but mainstream, can help to set you apart from the competition! Randy Pollard of On the Edge Photography in Victoria will give you some tips and tricks, and hopefully inspire you to dive into this fun, lucrative specialty! Showing examples of banners and posters, and giving you the key milestones of creating jaw dropping composites, you’ll leave inspired and challenged to try your own!

Event Photography Speedlight Short Course
Tim Babiak

“One of the first accessories photographers get is a speedlight – the external flash that attaches to the camera’s hot shoe. Unfortunately, many event photographers get results that are less than flattering.

This workshop changes all that!

In this walk-up workshop, you’ll learn how to get on-track using your camera indoors with your speedlight on your camera. In fact, upon mastering this technique, your images will look as though they were shot with the flash off camera!

We’ll start off with a brief overview then pair up and practice this technique with one another. At the end of the workshop, you’ll walk away confident with this new skill.

Topics covered:
– Common problems and why their causes
– Evaluating ambient exposure
– Blending ambient light with flash
– Making flash look soft, natural and beautiful

You’ll need to bring your camera and speedlight – you’ll practicing what you’ve learned with one another.”

You’ll be swimming in a pool of money after adding underwater photography to your studio.
Brittany Butler

I’ll give a hands on look at how to add underwater photography to any business. Along with some tested tools and tricks, you’ll be ready to take the plunge. Whether you shoot seniors, weddings or families, adding underwater photography can be the one thing that sets your studio apart in a sea of competition.

How to Catch a Client
Tammy Graham

Have you been trying to land those great clients but feel like you are fishing with the wrong bait? Well, come see how Tammy lures in those big ones with simple but effective marketing techniques. Not only will she show you how to hook them, she will also show you how to keep them. She specializes in using low cost techniques to land a client in any aspect of their portrait life cycle and keep them for life.

You’ll be amazed at how easy and inexpensive it is to reel them in!

Getting Started with Lightroom
Guy T Phillips

“What’s that button do?” “What’s a catalog?” “How do I do that?” “Is there an easier way?” These are questions asked all too often in the early stages of working in Lightroom.
Instructor Guy T Phillips is here to help you answer these and many more! This course is all about understanding what Lightroom can do for you so you can do more. Learn what makes up a productive workspace and build time saving presets to help your workflow. Discover the key components that can improve each image and identify shortcuts that increase your efficiency. Before the class is over, you’ll not only know the answers to your original questions – you’ll have a day-to-day workflow that works for you, your style and your studio. Come with an open mind and leave with knowledge that will change your business – and your life!
Note: Bring your computer with the latest version of Lightroom installed! This is definitely “”hands-on””!”

High and Low Key Seniors
Jennifer McGraw

At a time when most seniors and their parents are requesting on-location photo shoots, try adding on a quick high or low key session in the studio. It’s a modern twist on the traditional portrait that pleases both seniors and their parents. I’ll show you how these stylized images can add to your bottom line and increase your album sales!

Newborn Safety
Allison Montgomery

Allison will talk about how important safety is in shooting newborns and how to do it safely when shooting certain poses.

From Flowers to Fine Art
Teri Whittiker

Teri will discuss her daily image project, how it improved her photography and led her to photographing flowers. She will explain her different lighting strategies, lighting sources, background options, color choices for the subject matter/background/borders and post production work.

Outdoor Corporate Sporting Event
Edward Speed

Businesses in Texas use a variety of outdoor events and venues to entertain clients. Bird hunting is a frequent activity. The program will address how to engage clients and what photography they want for their customers.