Speaker Listing Application

If you are a TPPA member and would like to be considered as a speaker or judge for TPPA Affiliates or other professional photographers’ organizations, we would be happy to add your information to the “Speakers” listing on the TPPA website.

┬áThe inclusion of your name is a free service to all TPPA members who’s dues are current and who properly complete the speaker application below.

Other than making the member’s name, or any other information available to interested associations, the TPPA members, officers, or board of directors make no endorsements of the speakers.


TPPA Speaker Listing Application
  •   Yes.
  •   I am working on my PPA Degrees and willing to speak for guild honorariums plus merit(s).
      Fees are negotiable, please contact me.
      I have a sponsor(s) who may help with my fees.
      My fees range from:
  • Please e-mail the following to our TPPA webmaster:

    A. Headshot (head and shoulder only, minimum 4x5 at 72dpi, maximum 5x7 at 72dpi)

    B. Six sample images (minimum 4x5 at 72dpi, maximum 5x7 at 72dpi)

    Steve Kozak: E-mail

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