Presented by Justin Moore, M. Photog. Cr., CPP
Monday, June 25  –  3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Join drone photographer Justin Moore as he takes you on an airborne journey into the world of low altitude aerial photography.  For budding drone photographers, Justin will cover some of the basic tenets of the FAA’s new “Part 107” commercial regulations.  He will also share his experiences using #dronesforgood – from mapping a lost population of bigtooth maple trees to monitoring a great blue heron rookery from his perch in the sky.

Justin Moore will take you on an exciting tour of how low altitude aerial photography is changing the photography industry. He will discuss how aerial photographs can be both art AND data. He’ll share his experiences as a commercial drone pilot and give an update on the ups and downs of piloting a flying camera!


Meet Justin Moore:
Justin Moore is a native of San Antonio and a resident of the small town of Hollywood Park, Texas. He is an instrument-rated private pilot and professional photographer who saw his passions merge when the “flying camera” or drone hit the scene in late 2014. Justin started Airborne Aerial Photography after receiving his FAA “333 exemption” in January 2016. Justin is an expert on UAS – Unmanned Aerial Systems and recently completed required education to earn his Remote Pilot Certificate which will debut at the end of August with the FAA’s new “PART 107” regulations.