Presented by Ashley Siegert

Sunday, June 30
3:00 PM – 5PM

Image that you are given a chance to pitch your photography business on the hit show, Shark Tank.  Would YOU invest in your business?  Are you a serious business person or is photography more a hobby?

This special bonus program by Ashley Siegert will teach you how to implement systems to make your marketing and workflow run like a machine.

Seeing your business from a “shark’s” point of view let’s you take a step back and look at your business from an outside perspective. Do you have a replicable marketing plan? Are you wearing every hat? How long can you continue this way?

Remember, YOU are your company’s number 1 investor, so let’s make it investible!

Ashley’s program will cover:

    • Identify the systematic weaknesses in in your business
    • Implement automations to take tasks like inquiry emails, Instagram and Facebook ads off your plate so you can focus on your message and product
    • Understand how to funnel customers from the internet into your doors

Meet Ashley Siegert:

Hi! Im Ashley and I am a unicorn.

A unicorn is a mythical creature that is not often seen in nature, such as a photographer who is an entrepreneur first and and artist second. I LOVE business and marketing. Fueled by coffee and yoga, I spend my days dreaming up new creative ways to create systems and maximize my resources. I can’t wait to share all the tools and hacks that make my business hum!