Gary and Kathy MeekGary and Kathy Meek
Hot Springs, AR

Monday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Program Description:
TPPA supports the value and benefits of the PPA Certified Professional Photographer program.


Professional credentials are not just handed out. They are EARNED. Photography credentials are no different, and any Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) can tell you that… There’s a lot of effort that goes into preparing for the CPP exam alone (let alone the image submission review), and that’s why the Certification Preparation Class is so important.

Join Gary and Kathy Meek as they spend the day reviewing and going over some of the highlights of the PPA Certification test specifications. Math, formulas and color theory are often some of the harder things for some to grasp, but coming from Arkansas, they will explain it in a way anyone can understand.

No one day program can adequately prepare you to take the exam, however, if you have been working on the material and need to brush up on some key elements, this class is for you. If you have never considered taking the CPP test, this class will give you some insight and some understanding of what it takes to prepare for PPA Certification.

The Meeks’ ability to explain these technical concepts comes from their extensive experience. They’ve taught preparation classes like this (for the CPP exam) since about 1991. They know their stuff. Sure, Gary would be the first to tell you when he doesn’t know something…but he’ll follow that statement up with, “But we’ll find out.” And you will.

The Certification Review Class is free to all who have registered for Summerfest.