Presented by Ashley Siegert

Wednesday, July 3
9:00 AM – Noon

Facebook ads, email campaigns, Google, Instagram, your website, it’s enough to make your head spin.

There are so many moving pieces that it’s hard to keep up, but what if there is an overall strategy that we have missed that would simplify, even streamline your business life?

The day I changed my mindset to look at my whole business as a marketing machine designed to take eyeballs off the internet, run them through my doors and churn them out as dollars, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

I started booking at rapid pace, and my sales average went way up. I am so excited to teach photographers this missing puzzle piece to unlock the internet as a client treasure trove.

Ashley’s program will cover:

  • Understanding of basic marketing funnels and how to think like a business marketer
  • How to stop social media overwhelm and use today’s tools most efficiently
  • How to build a plan that keeps you on track to hit your goals
  • How to find your clients online and drive them to your door to turn them into dollars
  • How to build a business plan without stress

Meet Ashley Siegert:

Hi! Im Ashley and I am a unicorn.

A unicorn is a mythical creature that is not often seen in nature, such as a photographer who is an entrepreneur first and and artist second. I LOVE business and marketing. Fueled by coffee and yoga, I spend my days dreaming up new creative ways to create systems and maximize my resources. I can’t wait to share all the tools and hacks that make my business hum!