Presented by Ken Bovat

Tuesdayday, July 2
4:00 PM -5:30 PM

This program is designed to help you understand how color can make or break your images.

For any professional photographer, recognizing the conscious and subconscious influences of color is crucial to bridging the gap between what you are trying to communicate and what is actually perceived by the viewer.

We try to get you to think about color in ways you have never thought before.

We then connect it to people portraits and how certain colors can change a persons look. What color should you be photographed in and why.

Ken’s program will cover:

  • Seeing color differently
  • Recognizing the subconscious influences of certain colors
  • How colors work together
  • The nine types of color compositions
  • Understand peoples color under tones

Meet Ken Bovat:

I started my business in 1976, photographing mostly weddings and environmental portraits, working out of my home.

As business grew, I relocated to an old railroad depot, which I converted into my current studio. I specialize in High School Seniors, Weddings, Families, Pets and some Commercial.
I try to go to every photo course that comes around. I love learning photography and find that I learn so much when I teach.

I love helping others to be a better photographer by seeing the light and the color a new way.
I like helping others improving their images to that merit level or above.

When I am not working my hobby is photography. I never go anywhere without my cameras.