Standing Out From The Crowd

Presented by Tony Corbell

Sunday, June 24, 2018
2 AM – 5:30 PM

It’s a new day, a new world, and new time. What will you do to stand out in the community. What will you do to make yourself different? What are you willing to change? Image quality, posing, lighting, marketing, sales, everything has to change if you plan to compete in the future. Let’s have a conversation and let’s have it now! But only if you are willing to try and listen.


Meet Tony Corbel:
Tony’s craft began as simply a job. For almost two years he really didn’t care about the photograph. He cared about the hours he worked weekly and the paycheck. Then something snapped. He got better. He started caring about the client. 39 years later, he is recognized as one trying to help make a difference for others in photography throughout the world.

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