Presented by Aurora DeLuca


Tuesday, July 2
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Newborn sessions are both fun and profitable. There’s nothing quite like posing a sleepy newborn and creating something beautiful. But it’s not always a breeze. What do you do if you have a wakeful baby? Or you find yourself with a baby struggling with colic? Maybe your client couldn’t get newborn photos for a few weeks longer than that ‘recommended’ window.

This class focuses on my method of flexible flow
posing and newborn safety. By preparing to move flexibly through a session and setup, you can choose how and when to pose baby by following their lead. We will also cover safety dos and don’ts when posing newborns. By maintaining flexibility and preparedness throughout these special sessions, you can calmly guide your session and guarantee plenty of beautiful images.


Aurora’s program will cover:

  • Manage expectations with an anxious new parent thoughtfully
  • Newborn safety in posing
  • Flow posing even when your baby is wakeful
  • Keep yourself calm, even during chaos
  • Easy, common-sense transitions between ‘sets’
  • Making small changes for big impact

Meet Aurora DeLuca:

Aurora DeLuca grew up in Tucson, Arizona with a fondness for horses and travel. She left Tucson attend one of the prestigious seven sister schools, Mount Holyoke College.  Later, seeking an adventure, she pursued her Masters of Arts in International Relations at Australian National University specializing in Asian and Pacific studies and International Law. Over the course her career in policy, Aurora began to pursue her ever present hobby of photography more seriously. Eventually, she found herself in North Carolina and began specializing in portrait and macro photography in earnest. Aurora poured over master painters and discovered a passion for formal children’s portraits with a modern twist. She loves showcasing newborns as brand new, tiny people with big personalities. Equally, she loves working with children and specializes in capturing both the serious side of childhood as well as genuine smiles.  These days, when she’s not photographing babies, she can be found homeschooling her own two children, pretending she’s a five-star chef, and seeking out more adventures.