The purpose of this competition is to allow photographers to enter photographic images to be judged against a Standard of Excellence and to assist the entrants in preparation for PPA District or International Photographic Competition.

TPPA has made some BIG changes for 2019, so be sure you check this out!

The 12 Elements of a Merit Image (For more information, go to will be used in accessing each image and applying a final score.

Through this competition, TPPA members are also eligible for awards and TPPA Points that count toward the Associate and Full Fellowship Degrees within TPPA.

The TPPA Executive Council is committed to creating excellence for TPPA members. One recent example of this commitment is the approval and purchase of an IPC caliber station for judging digital entries at the Annual TPPA Photographic Competition at Summerfest. This station includes three judging monitors, a dedicated computer and software to run the competition and the ability to project the images being judged onto a big screen for the audience to see.

This investment will serve the interests of our TPPA members. TPPA believes in the value of photographic competition to help build stronger artists and more profitable members. We take pride in using only Approved Jurors from IPCC and those who have attended the judging school at IPC who are working to become approved jurors. This makes the TPPA Photographic Competition a tough competition. Yet, it gives you the best feedback we can deliver on your images before you submit them onto district and IPC competitions.

Winning an award in Texas is a big deal and one you can be proud of. We encourage you to start preparing now to enter your images in the Annual TPPA Photographic Competition at Summerfest on June 30.

Check out BIG changes in the Annual TPPA Photographic Competition by clicking here!