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Larry Peters, M.Photog., Cr. M.Artist, CPP
Plano, TX

Monday, June 26 – 7:30am – 9:00am
Tuesday, June 27 – 7:30am – 9:00am

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Lets get up in the morning and get wet, yes wet. Come join Larry Peters as he teaches you the way he has done underwater portraits now for over 10 years!

There’s a safe way and then there’s a not so safe way. Learn how to create dynamic images while not putting you or your client in harm’s way..!

This class will include talks about equipment, instructions that your model needs to know to look awesome underwater and if you’re willing to get in the pool, you too can do hands on underwater portraits using my equipment.!





Larry Peters is humbly known as the “Father of Modern Senior Photography”. He began his photography career in 1976 doing weddings and seniors parttime.

In 1981, he left his full time job and photographed over 700 seniors with a part time Outdoor photographer.   After attending a couple of very influential seminars, he developed “state of the art” photography for seniors using props which had never been used before.   His prop partner, Jack, continued this business providing props and unique ideas for photographers worldwide.   He also developed a very solid sales procedure which has given the studios great sales throughout the years.

He introduced outdoor photography, underwater photography and of course, using “props” for the seniors then and today. He patented the “eyelighter” which has revolutionized the photography business with its unique “eye lighting” results.

Speaking to photographers in almost every state plus Europe has made him a household name in the photography world.

He works with his wife, Karen, daughter and son-in-law Brian and Janine Killian and more members of the family are helping out now. There are two studios in Central Ohio which photograph Families, Children, Business and of course, Seniors.

Larry holds a Masters Degree in Education, Bachelor in Business, Master of Photography, Master of Electronic Imaging and Photographic Craftsman. He is an International Juror and enjoys speaking a conventions and schools.

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