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Mark McCall, M. Photog. M. Artist Cr.CPP
Lubbock, TX

Tuesday, June 27 9:30 AM – Noon

Program Description:

Join Mark in this exciting and informative program and learn simple techniques that will raise your confidence when shooting weddings.

See Mark’s flash system  using a single, inexpensive, automatic flash that works with all camera makes and models that he uses to create stunning wedding images.  That’s right, AUTOMATIC. It’s not TTL, but it is magic!  No metering, no fiddling with an electronic display. Simply set and forget. It really is that easy.

See 4 things to watch for when posing a bride.

Hear how Mark and his team are able to convert 9 out of 10 couples into doing all of their posed photos before the wedding.

See what Mark looks for when scouting bridal locations.

See Mark’s marketing trick to get Brides to buy up one size when selecting her bridal portrait.

Sell Paintings of the bridal portrait, created with just one mouse click….well, maybe 2 or 3.

Raise your worth in the eyes of the client.

Get those clients in the door using promotional and incentive based strategies.

Learn how PPA will back you up in the event of poor performance or hard drive failure. Real life horror story included with a happy ending.

We’ll shoot a live bride in wedding dress in this program. If you’d like to shoot, bring a camera and Pocket Wizard transmitter.



Mark McCall operates a boutique studio on  historic Broadway Ave in downtown Lubbock Texas specializing in wedding, portrait and commercial photography.

Mark’s lifelong love affair with photography began at age 8 when he was given a plastic 35mm camera by his Grandmother, an award for a minimum level purchase of mail order makeup.

Opening its doors in July 1996, McCall’s was one of the first fully digitally integrated studios in Texas and continues to be a leader in digital file handing, file preparation and enhancement.

Mark is also a Photoshop Instructor and print competition mentor who spends a good deal of time every day on the phone or online with other photographers seeking help.

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