March 16, 2020
9:00am – 4:00pm

How To Share A Studio Space & Live To Tell About It
Hosted by Andrea Schuler and Steve Morrow

Building a sustainable business model takes an investment of both time and money! Whether a new or seasoned photographer, an option for reducing cost associated with both equipment and overhead is sharing a studio with one or more other photographers. While this can be a successful option, it is not without its drawbacks.

Steve & Renee Morrow and Andrea Schuler met while members of Fotoworks Studios – a 15 member co-op in Abilene, Tx. After several years, business required more studio time. So, the trio moved into The Cockerell – Upstairs. A building dedicated to supporting artists and photographers, it provides the support of being with other artists but with the benefits of a private studio. After a few initial trials and errors, they have settled in and made it their photography home.

If you are considering whether sharing a studio space might be a beneficial option for you, our team is ready to share what we have learned from years of working in shared studio environments!

This program will cover:

  • How to share the studio space, equipment, and schedule session times.
  • Setting up your studio environment & equipment basics.
  • Protecting yourself with equipment & liability insurance.
  • Fostering a collaborative and supportive studio environment.
  • Creating an action plan for addressing possible future challenges & conflicts.
  • When all else fails… what to do next!

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Non-Member Registration – $129
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1133 North 2nd Street
Studio 209
Abilene, Tx 79601

Meet TPPA Members, Andrea Schuler and Steve Morrow:

Originally from East Texas, Andrea Schuler is a graduate of Kilgore College where she studied photography under O. Rufus Lovett. She learned the foundation of her photography skills in the dark room developing b&w film, printing by hand, and enjoying the magic of portraits emerging from a blank sheet of photographic paper.

Years later, Schuler moved to Abilene, Tx and joined a local 15 member photography co-op called Fotoworks Studio. It provided a supportive learning environment and showed that photographers could join together to build a working community.

Currently, Andrea’s goal and passion is to serve her photography community as a board member of their local photography guild and by co-teaching local education workshops with her studio partners Steve & Renee Morrow.

As she tell friends and fellow photographers, “you don’t even have a chance if you don’t try. Set goals, work hard, and keep moving forward. Photography is my passion, and I believe that we are all stronger when we work together!”

Steve Morrow has been passionate about photography since middle school when he first picked up his father’s 35mm camera and learned how to use it. He went on to shoot for the yearbook in high school, and his first job after graduation was four years of training in a professional photography lab. There, Morrow learned what it takes to produce quality photographic products.

Morrow believes strongly in continuing his photographic education by attending Texas School of Professional Photography and other quality TPPA & PPA workshops yearly. With over 15 years of experience as a professional photographer, he also shares his knowledge locally by teaching education workshop at his studio in Abilene, Texas. He also serves as President of his local photography guild and is a member of the West Texas Photographic Society.

He strives to support others thru mentorship and has a heart for helping photographers in his community.