Spring Branch
9 AM – 4 PM

Take the Plunge – Learn Underwater Photography
Hosted by Brittany Butler

This hands on workshop is the perfect way to gain the skills necessary to getting your start in underwater portrait photography. Not only will you get help with props, wardrobe and makeup, but I’ll guide you through critical post processing techniques, all while working on YOUR images! I provide the models, sets and pool, you provide these few items and we’re set.

-Underwater Camera (could be a rental, bag, or point and shoot)
-Quality goggles
-Swimsuit, towel and a change of clothes
-Laptop with lightroom and photoshop
-Rubber duckie

Our day will start with learning how to prep models and stage our underwater work station. This will consist of backdrops, dresses, safety measures and make-up. Then it’s into the pool! You’ll have the opportunity to photograph several models with a wide variety of looks, including sports and fashion.

After our pool time, we’ll take a break for lunch and then we’re off to editing! I’ll help you learn some simple techniques to achieve stunning underwater images through lightroom and photoshop. We’ll be working on YOUR images so that by the end of the day you’ll have a small collection of work to kick start your new obsession.

Workshop Fee:
TPPA Members – $89
Non-TPPA Members – $99
“Join & Go” – $184  (includes 1-year membership in TPPA)




Meet TPPA Member, Brittany Butler:
My name is Brittany Butler and I’m in love with the water. I love spending time at the beach and pool. I’m a huge Dr Pepper fan, some might even call it and addiction. I call it brand loyalty. I love all kinds of cars. My first date with my husband was racing at the drag strip in my 87’ corvette. The car would leak when it rained and the heater would get stuck on sometimes but I adored it. I spend way too much time watching movies and napping out on the porch hammock.