February 22, 2020
10:00am – 5:00pm

Low Key Lighting
Hosted by Cornell McGhee

This workshop is an educational practicum structured to illuminate photographers on the use of low-key lighting to flatter the subject or to convey an intended message. Studio lights, backgrounds, and live models will be available to produce the desired images.

Low-key photography is a high contrast method of lighting meaning there is a definitive transition from the bright areas of light to the dark areas of shadow. What is Low Key? The image contains a higher proportion of dark tones than light tones.

Low key lighting is best suited for images that are artistic and/or moody. Examples of which are black and white images, studio portraits, and sensuous subject. Given this structure, lighting equipment such as studio strobes are ideal.

The basic rules are as follows (although other may use different approaches).
• Measure on light at a time with other turned off and proceed logically.
• Use an integrated light meter and point it at the light, from the subject position.
• Consider both the strength of the light and the tone of your backdrop. An under lit white backdrop can be made to look dark grey and conversely a massively lit black background can be quite light. Consider just what tone that you wish the backdrop to be reproduced and any vignette used to flatter the subject.
• Base your camera aperture on a reading taken with all lights firing. The aperture controls the amount of flash reaching the sensor, the shutter speed determines how much effect that the ambient light is going to have.
• Once you have got it all together, make notes so that you can repeat what you have done.


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Houston Marriott Sugar Land
16090 City Walk
Sugar Land, Texas 77479

Meet TPPA Member, Cornell McGhee:

Cornell is a professional photographer based in the greater Houston, Texas area. His vision is to create customized boutique artwork for the discerning client. His images are crafted using collaboration, composition, and color to capture the essence of each client.

He believes fashion and glamour photographs a reality with the everyday person. His photo sessions are filled with fun and laughter which enables clients to feel at ease with the artistic process.

Cornell is a veteran of the US Army and currently works as a program administrator in a local school district.

Graduate of the University of Texas, US Army Command and General Staff College, and the University of Houston-Clear Lake.