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Jenny Rhea Eisenhauer

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Monday, February 12
10 am to 5 pm

Sales! Making the Most of Your Time and Their Money
Hosted by Jenny Rhea Eisenhauer

Making the most of your time and their money.

Have you hit Saturation Point? (The point which you are spending more time working than you want to to get the minimal amount done that needs to get done.) Are you busier than you want to be, but find the bank says your spending spree should be at the Dollar Tree?

Are you losing your passion for photography and stuck in the mire of marketing, retouching, delivering orders, and endless emails?

Let’s delve into where you are at in your business and where you want to be in 10 years along with what it might take to get there. Be prepared to honestly look at your business to see where you are spending your time and money.

THEN, let’s get you there! Learn key factors in sales that will help clients spend more, get what they want, promote your business, AND THANK YOU for the opportunity!

Bring a notebook, ideas, hopes and dreams. Buckle up…this might cause just a little bit of excitement.

Workshop Fee:
TPPA Members – $89
Non-TPPA Members – $99
“Join & Go” – $184  (includes 1-year membership in TPPA)



12218 Old Stage Trl
Austin, Texas

Meet TPPA Member, Jenny Rhea Eisenhauer:
You may recognize me from Texas School as the girl behind the computer. Although i did work for Don Dickson in college, i am now in Austin, Texas and work under the alias Photography by Jenny Rhea. I started out photographing weddings in Austin 15 years ago, then moved on to portraits and preschools, and have landed several school sports contracts. I enjoy a variety of challenges photographing several types of events each year, but truly love getting to know my clients whom i see year after year.