Ft. Worth
Saturday March 3, 2018


Play With Your Food
Hosted by Malinda Julien


This is a fun, hands on program encouraging attendee participation. The program will inspire you to see your food differently and perhaps move to photographing food professionally!

We will cover:
Tools of the trade
How to choose the “hero”
Food styling

Whether you are a casual cook, a food blogger or just a photographic foodie, this
program will get you off to a great start! You will be able to set up your own food vignettes and photograph them! We will be there with advice and be your photo assistant!

What should you bring?

Lens: suggested 100mm macro, 45mm TSE, 50mm, or whatever you have!
Shutter Release
Color Checker
Light meter
If you don’t have color checkers or light meters, we’ll be happy to share! The Tripod
and the camera are highly suggested.

You get to choose what you want to photograph! We suggest easy foods such as:
Anything that doesn’t need preparation or refrigeration

Build some portfolio pieces, explore new fields of photography and just Play With
Your Food!  This is a hands-on experience.



The Gardens Restaurant in the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
3220 Botanic Garden Blvd
Fort Worth, Texas  76107


Meet TPPA Member, Malinda Julien:

I am a commercial photographer based in Dallas/Fort Worth. Our company is a partnership of the entire family.  I spend a lot of time working in the food industry – both for restaurants and magazines.

Photographing food, either on location or in the studio is always a challenge.  Melting, wilting and getting that hero shot is always fraught with pending doom! I thrive on this teeter-totter of fun!

Beginning photography with a Kodak Brownie my PaPaw gave me in the 60’s and moving through all the wonderful facets of photography since, I still have the same thrill every time I see a photograph and it is exactly what I had envisioned!  I became a full time professional photographer in the 80s, raised both my boys in the business and now they are also photographers with our company.   My Grandfather was a portrait photographer in South Texas and I grew up watching him hand tint black and whites.  I still know how to do this and it lead to working in restorations.

I am the 2017 president of our local guild having served as membership VP for 2016, received many awards for my work and am a CPP.  I love working within all facets of PPA! Go US!  I instruct classes for Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom™, as well as walking photography hands on tours.