TPPA Member Exclusive Event:
The Website and SEO Webinar
January 14 at 2:00 PM CST

Hosted by Ashley Diamond Siegert

Hire your website as your new marketing assistant and put it to work driving clients!

Are you a…
photographer looking to improve your client base, sales numbers, website/ SEO?
Do you wish:
Clients easily found your website, and that your website could send each prospect the relevant information, and even sell to them without you having to be at the computer?

What will we talk about?
In 2020, your website is your digital store front. As a business owner, your number one priority needs to be making sure our customers can EASILY find and take action with your business.

In this one hour webinar, we will discuss:

  • What are search engines looking for, and how to maximize your visibility.
  • Why your website should be doing much of the administrative work FOR you.
  • How to separate yourself from your competition from the first click
  • How to automate your client flow
  • How to easily test new promotional ideas

Meet the Instructor: Ashley Siegert
Hi! I’m Ashley Siegert and I own and operate multiple brands here in the Bryan College Station area:
1. A portrait studio, Fig-Mint Photography
2. My commercial imaging line, A. Diamond Productions
3. An online education site for photographers,
***And a brand new startup concept that will be announced later this year!***

All of these brands completely rely on my websites to bring in leads, disperse information, and schedule clients.

While building my education site, I learned the importance of using my website as an active tool, an employee, who’s job it is to actually do a lot of the sales work I was trying to do all on my own. I was burning out. I was banging my head against my desk. I was unable to scale.

Then I learned how change my website to a funnel and everything changed.

Now my clients find me with ease, they take action right on my website, they receive email information automatically and they show up informed and ready.
I want to teach you how to do this for your business.

Join me for this webinar exclusively for the TPPA Members!

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This webinar is free to TPPA Members who have paid their 2020 dues.