Presented by Kathy Drake Dabbs
March 11
9:00AM – 4:30PM
Lubbock, TX

It is a daunting task to start a new business or improve an existing business to be sure you can keep the bill collectors off your front porch! I failed miserably at the financial part of my business only to learn wonderful lessons. You have to make the mistakes sometimes to learn how to do it better.

I hope to impart some valuable lessons that will prevent those failures and keep you in business for many years to come. My studio is now 26+ years in business and I now have consistent business that keeps me on track. I would love to share that information with you and promote professional photography in the best possible light!

This workshop will also cover:

  • Get the right resource people in place. CPA, Lawyer, Banker.
  • Equipment you really need and what you do not need.
  • Jobs that make you money and jobs that will not make money!
  • Studio verses location
  • Employees. How many do I need, really.
  • Time management
  • Money management

6502 CR 6430
Lubbock, TX

Workshop Fee:
TPPA Member:  $89
Non-Member:  $99
Join & Go:  $199

Meet Kathy Drake Dabbs
I am a positive, happy, person. I choose to be happy. Also, God loves me best…don’t we all feel that way.
Like we are the favorite child! I was a nurse for 24 years before I started my business. (a few years of
overlap) So that makes me very capable of reading people and understanding them. I love my family
and they are required to work with me because I make them! Not really! But we enjoy each other and
are blessed to be able to work together. I am very detail oriented, and I want it done right or not at all.
So, I kind of drive people crazy at times. But we have fun most of all. I love to play cards and dominoes.
My family will not play Monopoly with me because I beat them so bad!