The next stop on the pathway to success includes giving back to others and to service of the photographic industry. Opportunities include: publishing illustrated articles in TPPA Magazine, speaking and sharing at local guilds and state sponsored seminars and conventions, evaluating and judging images at local guild and state competitions and service in leadership roles at the local guild, state and national levels.  TPPA will help you develop these opportunities and skills when you feel like you are ready.

The TPPA Vision for Service and Growth

The founders of TPPA in their wisdom recognized that the Association leadership should rest on the shoulders of its’ members. Through the Board of Directors, the Executive Council and the TPPA Executive staff, the association is able to provide photographers with a strong sense of community and an opportunity for success.

When your time has come, we encourage you to consider where you might best use your talents to serve TPPA, and to make yourself available for becoming a part of the leadership of the association.

TPPA uses appointed committees to carry out the work and support services for events and programs as provided for by the Executive council and the Board of directors. It is through these committees and action teams that members of TPPA take ownership of their association and it’s success, and provides a proving ground for those who go above and beyond in their assigned tasks, to move into future leadership roles.

The TPPA membership elects an executive council made up of a slate of officers.  The executive council also includes at least two Directors at large. It is the responsibility of this group to provide visioning and direction for the future of the association. They also have a duty to oversee and direct the financial health of the association in all decisions that are placed in front of this council. This includes the hiring and oversight of the performance of the Executive staff. Finally, members of this group should be unified in its support of all association activities and decisions.

The executive staff is in place to serve the association and the executive council in carrying out the day to day operations of the association and service to its’ members. These individuals work directly for the executive council to ensure the vision of the council is carried out in a professional manner. Employees include an executive director who is responsible for membership management, financial management and reporting and negotiation of contracts involving the association. There is also an executive director of the Texas School who carries the same responsibilities for the marketing, registration, presentation of the entire event and the oversight and reporting of the financial records for the school. A magazine editor is also on staff to produce a member magazine which carries forth the message of the association and education of its members as well as serving the industry sponsors who are so vital to our mission.

The Board of directors serves to provide oversight for the association. It is their duty to survey the recommendations of the executive council and approve those measures that they feel best serve the overall financial health and educational services to the membership. They also act to carry the TPPA message back home to their respective guilds.