The Joy of Editing

The Joy of Editing
Featuring Terri Butler
Live Online
November 8
 at 7PM

Want to improve your workflow and expand your skills with Adobe Photoshop?  Then join Terri Butler live online, every other month as she shares tips and tricks to help you become a better image editor.

Terri will cover techniques used by photographers and artists who want to do more with their images.  This program is geared towards intermediate to advanced users of Photoshop.

From brushes to blending and from wrapping to warping, Terri will cover it all.  You will be able to submit questions in advance for answers to your most pressing Photoshop problems.

The program is live, every other month, on the 2nd Wednesday.  Here is a list of scheduled dates:

January 10, 2024
March 13, 2024
May 8, 2024

This program is free for TPPA Members.  Register here.

Meet Terri Butler

Terri is a retired Navy Medical Service Corps officer turned Consultant in the Healthcare Technology vertical.  She was an independent consultant for about 11 years and loved the “non-corporate” life.  But even the days of consulting are behind her now as she embraces full-time retirement and spends her days on two primary activities: Photography and Corvettes!

She loves to travel…which has taken up a fair amount of her first couple of years of retirement.

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Creating and Selling Art Photography

Presented by Dennis Chamberlian
Live Online
Saturday, July 13
10am -5pm Central

July Art and Creativity in Photography. We’ll discuss the latest ideas and the directions Art Photography is going, using as examples both my work and the work of my favorite creative art photographers.

The Tools for making your art, using Photoshop and Lightroom. There are some new tools, but some of the traditional tools can be used more creatively to allow you to better express your artistic visions.

Selling Art Photography. From art galleries to art shows, to selling on-line, we’ll cover both the basics, the fine details, and the current trends in selling art photography.

Dennis will cover:

  • Expanding your creative photographic vision.
  • Creative “tweaks” to give your work more impact.
  • Using the tools of Photoshop and Lightroom more creatively.
  • How to approach art galleries; Selling your artwork more effectively.
  • Competing in the evolving new world of AI Art.

Meet Dennis Chamberlain
Dennis was born into an Eastman Kodak family in Rochester, NY.  He got his first medium format camera when he was nine. He worked the night shift in the Kodak processing lab during college, gaining not only an appreciation of color but an insight into the joys and tragedies of life.

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