Texas 10 Workshop

“Colt”ivating Great Clients

Presented by Colt Melrose
February 11


PLEASE NOTE:  Class is Now Closed

In this workshop Colt will coach you on how to build a business where you love to go to work. One that is built around your uniqueness and personality. By tapping into that uniqueness, your business will become an extension of who you are.

We will do some self-assessment and discuss how we can adapt your business to become an extension of you. From the first inquiry to the last portrait delivered or installed, we will discuss how to create a client experience you will love to put your name on.

This class will also cover:

  • Use self-discovery to build a successful business you love
  • How to build a business that serves you
  • Develop a sales mindset from start to finish
  • How to overcome common objections
  • Communication/Sales strategies for larger sales

212 Aurora Street
Houston, TX 77008.


Workshop Fee:
TPPA Member:  $89
Non-Member:  $99
Join & Go:  $199

Meet Colt Melrose
For almost a decade, Colt has enjoyed capturing images that celebrate and preserve his clients. He strives to capture the uniqueness of every client who is in front of his camera. Colt lives by the mantra of his fellow Oklahoman, Will Rogers, in that he’s never met a person he didn’t like.

As Houston’s luxury portrait photographer for professionals and their families, Colt is approachable and relatable. He’s a father of three beautiful girls and a handsome son who are often called on to model for a practice session, and he’s been married to his incredible wife Lindy since 2008.

They have resided in the Greater Houston area since 2011.

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Low Key Lighting

Presented by Cornell McGhee
February 18
8:30AM – 3:30PM
Richmond, TX

This workshop is an educational workshop structured to illuminate photographers on the use of low-key lighting to flatter the subject or to convey an intended message. Low-key photography is a very high-contrast form of lighting meaning there is a definitive transition from the bright areas of light to the dark areas of shadow. In creating a low-key lighting image,
normally the primary light source is positioned directly to one side or behind the subject. There is no light directly in front of the subject as in classic or traditional photography.

What is Low Key? Quite simply put, low key is a description of an image, which contains a higher proportion of dark tones than light tones. Take this issue’s cover image. If you open the original image in Photoshop and look at the histogram of the luminance channel you see that the average RGB value RGB is just 46 points. Using the color range to select just the highlights confirms that these light tones occupy just 1% of the pixels. However, what an important 1% they are, containing the entire facial details, the hands, and defining the folds of the satin dress!

Low-key lighting is best suited for images that are artistic and atmospheric. Examples of these are black-and-white images, studio portraits, and artistic nudes. Given this structure, lighting equipment such as studio strobes is ideal.

This workshop will also cover:

  • How to measure lights to achieve the proper exposure.
  • How to set your camera exposure to achieve the desired result.
  • How to position lighting to achieve the desired result.
  • How to select the right modifiers.
  • How to pose the model/subject for a low-key environment.

Richmond, TX

Workshop Fee:
TPPA Member:  $89
Non-Member:  $99
Join & Go:  $199

Meet Cornell McGhee
Lieutenant Colonel (US Army, Retired) Cornell T. McGhee, Ed.D. serves as Director of Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) Programs for the Houston Independent School District. As the Director of Houston ISD’s JROTC Programs, Dr. McGhee works with district and campus administrators, as well as civic and community leaders to conduct student-centered events and activities for the 4,500 students enrolled in the district’s 24 high schools.

Lieutenant Colonel McGhee served in the US Army for twenty-three years. He worked at assignments in Texas, Germany, Kentucky, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Throughout his military career, he earned numerous awards and decorations.

Dr. McGhee graduated from Killeen High School in Killeen, Texas. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Texas, in Austin, Texas. In 1992, he earned a Master of Science Degree in Management from the Florida Institute of Technology. In 1993, He earned a Master of Military Arts and Science Degree in Operational Planning from the U#S# Army Command and General Staff College. In 2011, He earned a Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Cornell is an Eagle Scout, certified professional photographer, drone pilot, musician, and outdoors enthusiast. In his spare time, he attends local religious studies and services, and professional sports events, and relaxes with family and friends. Cornell is married to Karen (Arbuckle); they have two adult sons, Brandon (Kate) and Christopher.

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CPP Exam Study Class

One-Day CPP Study Class

February 18
Saturday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

We would like to see you get certified and we are going to help you!

Join Steve Kozak for an exciting one-day prep class to help you prepare for taking the “Certified Professional Photographer” exam. Steve is not only a “PPA Approved CPP Instructor”, he is also the author of the “Preparing for PPA Certification” study guide.

This live class takes you step by step through the curriculum as presented in the CPP Test Specifications as presented by PPA.

Steve’s relaxed teaching style helps you absorb the material without making you feel overwhelmed. His conversational approach to teaching the concepts have made him a popular instructor and speaker.

This one-day prep class will help you gain confidence in your knowledge of the concepts and your ability to take on the exam with a whole new outlook.

Registration for the class includes a full day of review over the material with plenty of time for asking questions and clarification.

TPPA Member Registration – $89
Non-Member Registration – $99
“Join and Go” Registration – $209

Class Location
Live on Zoom

Registration for this class also includes a $20 savings on an instant download of Steve’s, “Preparing for PPA Certification” Study Guide.  The guide is optional and not required for registration for the class.

CPP WB 1-29-16 Edit.pub

This study guide addresses each of the topics covered on the CPP Test Specifications provided by PPA. It is written in easy to understand language that feels more conversational – not technical.

The guide is created in color and is filled with illustrations and images to support the process of learning the material and preparing for the test.

The book is available for immediate download in full resolution so that you can print it yourself or simply download it to your computer, iPad, tablet or smart phone.

Purchase of the study guide also includes a two-year Premium Membership to PassTheCPP.com with access to seven practice exams that can be taken online. Tests include an “overall” test featuring questions from the entire set of test specifications as well as individual tests from each of the six separate topics.

The cost for the instant download of the book and the Premium Membership to PassTheCPP.com which includes 7 practice tests and over 9 hours of study videos is only $79 with the discount code.

To order Preparing for PPA Certification, Click Here and use the code:  save20

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Here Come Santa Claus

Presented by Brenda Kieso
March 4


Here Comes Santa Claus, and you don’t want to miss him! Join us for a captivating workshop and learn how to give your clients a magical Santa experience, with an emphasis on the MAGIC!

Too often, Santa sessions are rushed, hectic, and many of the images are not ideal. We will show you how to spend the time you need, with tricks of the trade, to make your sessions spectacular. We begin with promotion, and tools for booking, moving into what you can do to ensure your clients get incredible images.

During the workshop, our home studio will be transformed into Santa’s Toyshop. You will learn how to replicate this in your own studio, with the ability to create incredible images and lasting memories. We will show you special additions that make your sessions stand out from the others.

You will also learn what to look for in a Santa. Who you hire can make or break your sessions. We will also show you what we have learned, over the past nine years, to get exceptional images from every session. We will then go beyond creating images and focus on the experience that will build repeat customers, year after year, and make your mini sessions lifetime memories.

This class will also cover:

  • *Planning and Promoting
  • Preparation and Set up
  • What you need from your Santa
  • Tricks to “get the shot”
  • Making this mini session an EXPERIENCE!

8210 Creekside Willow Court
Tomball, TX, 77375

Workshop Fee:
TPPA Member:  $89
Non-Member:  $99
Join & Go:  $199

Meet Brenda Kieso
Brenda Kieso is a Certified Professional Photographer who, for over twenty years, has specialized in capturing all of life’s milestones. As a 30+ year educator, recently retired, she is excited to be able to meld together her two biggest passions, teaching and photography. Now, focusing exclusively on her photography business and craft, she is currently working on her Craftsman Degree and is excited to be presenting this workshop, as it has a very special place in her heart. Her love of children is evident in her images, and she is thrilled to begin sharing these passions as an educator and presenter in this new phase in her photographic career.

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1000 Ways to Not do Business

Presented by Kathy Drake Dabbs
March 11
9:00AM – 4:30PM
Lubbock, TX

It is a daunting task to start a new business or improve an existing business to be sure you can keep the bill collectors off your front porch! I failed miserably at the financial part of my business only to learn wonderful lessons. You have to make the mistakes sometimes to learn how to do it better.

I hope to impart some valuable lessons that will prevent those failures and keep you in business for many years to come. My studio is now 26+ years in business and I now have consistent business that keeps me on track. I would love to share that information with you and promote professional photography in the best possible light!

This workshop will also cover:

  • Get the right resource people in place. CPA, Lawyer, Banker.
  • Equipment you really need and what you do not need.
  • Jobs that make you money and jobs that will not make money!
  • Studio verses location
  • Employees. How many do I need, really.
  • Time management
  • Money management

6502 CR 6430
Lubbock, TX

Workshop Fee:
TPPA Member:  $89
Non-Member:  $99
Join & Go:  $199

Meet Kathy Drake Dabbs
I am a positive, happy, person. I choose to be happy. Also, God loves me best…don’t we all feel that way.
Like we are the favorite child! I was a nurse for 24 years before I started my business. (a few years of
overlap) So that makes me very capable of reading people and understanding them. I love my family
and they are required to work with me because I make them! Not really! But we enjoy each other and
are blessed to be able to work together. I am very detail oriented, and I want it done right or not at all.
So, I kind of drive people crazy at times. But we have fun most of all. I love to play cards and dominoes.
My family will not play Monopoly with me because I beat them so bad!

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Texas 10

The Texas 10 is a series of photographic workshops that will be held throughout the state in January, February and March.

Workshops are taught by volunteer TPPA Members who are willing to share and promote the success of all photographers throughout Texas (and beyond).

These one and two-day workshops are offered locally to photographers of all skill levels.  You do not have to be a member of TPPA to register for Texas 10 workshops.

Because many of the workshops are hosted in the photographer’s own studio, most of the workshops have a very limited capacity which also ensures everyone has an opportunity to work with the instructor and to ask questions.

Take one workshop or take them all!  Secure your spot today in any of the Texas 10 workshops.

The “Texas 10” workshops are proud to be a part of the PPA Continuing Education System.  PPA Members attending “Texas 10” workshops will earn one education merit for each workshop completed.  PPA members earn merits to apply towards various degrees from PPA including the PPA Masters Degree and the PPA Craftsman Degree.  To learn more about all of the benefits of PPA including the merits and degrees program, visit PPA.com.

Texas 10 Pricing

Workshop range from $49 to $129 for TPPA Members. Non-member registration is also available.

Space in each workshop is very limited. Confirm your spot by registering today!

Texas 10 Locations

Low Key Lighting

Low Key Lighting

February 18 Richmond, TX ...
CPP Exam Study Class

CPP Exam Study Class

February 18, 2023 Live Online ...
Here Come Santa Claus

Here Come Santa Claus

March 4, 2023 Tomball, TX ...
1000 Ways to Not do Business

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