Interested in Becoming a Member of the TPPA Executive Council?

The TPPA Executive Council shall have supervision, control and direction of the affairs of this Association and of its executive office, and it shall determine policies within the limits of the laws of Texas, the Certificate of Incorporation, these Bylaws and Procedures adopted by the Board of Directors.

The Executive Council shall have full charge and control of TPPA annual conventions, workshops, events and the Annual Texas Print Competition.

Each Executive Council member shall serve one year in the elected office, beginning on January 1 of the calendar year.

Decisions are made and acted upon quickly. Because of this, members of the Executive Council need to be able to respond rapidly.

The process of serving on the Executive Council begins by serving as a Councilor at Large which is an appointment by the incoming president in June.  Councilors at Large serve a one year term on the Executive Council and then go into a pool of candidates that are considered by the Nominating Committee for the ballot to serve as TPPA Secretary.

Expectations for Councilors at Large and all Executive Council members include:
1. Following up on e-mail
2. Participating in online officer forums or file sharing websites
3. Completing tasks at hand in a timely manner

The Executive Council member:

  • Should represent the interests of TPPA, not a geographic region or specialty;
  • Become familiar with TPPA’s Bylaws, Policy Manual and regular procedures;
  • Must keep the confidences of the Executive Council;
  • Sign an Agreement stating that, if elected, you will fulfill your commitment(s) to the best of your ability;
  • Be willing to fill out and sign a “Confidential Statement to The Executive Council “ and a “Disclosure Regarding Conflicts Of Interest” if a conflict of interest should arise;
  • Serve as the Board Liaison to one or more Committees or Action Teams. Liaisons are expected to attend and participate in Action Teams or Committee meetings, discussions and activities providing guidance and leadership to the Team or Committee;
  • Work with TPPA volunteers and staff in a positive and cooperative manner;
  • Establish good relationships/communication with your Executive Council, Committee Chairs and Staff;
  • Do your homework when documents and reports are received;
  • Review and consider all proposed action items. Don’t let personal agendas/personalities affect your decision;
  • Honor deadlines
  • Review past year’s Executive Council Minutes/Reports;
  • Stay in the “loop” via e-mail, online forum or telephone.

It is essential that motions be clearly stated, preferably in writing so that there is no doubt as to intent, and that the person making a motion has the obligation of checking the minutes to assure that the intent of the motion is correct in the minutes

When an Action Team or Committee is appointed, the Executive Council will be notified, in writing as to the names of the Chairman and members of that Action Team/Committee. Complete copies of the minutes will be distributed to all Chairmen after each meeting of the Executive Council.

The Executive Council or its representative(s) will periodically review operations of the Association headquarters and make recommendations to the Executive Staff in connection with those operations.

To participate in discussions, votes and to keep informed, Executive Council members must have an e-mail address and phone number and return messages in a timely manner.

You have to agree to clear your calendar to allow you to attend the Executive Council meetings that will be posted by the president.

If you are interested in being considered as a Councilor At Large for TPPA, please complete this application.