Full Fellowship (Gold on crimson ribbon)

The TPPA Fellowship Program is a means of rewarding those who have served the membership of the Texas Professional Photographers Association and who have given freely of their time.  It also encourages members to remain active and to take advantage of the many benefits of the Texas PPA.


Associate Fellowship (Silver on silver ribbon)

The Fellowship Degree is divided into two segments, the Full Fellowship Degree and the Associate Fellowship Degree. To earn an Associate Fellowship Degree, a TPPA member must earn 50 fellowship points, none of which have to be from image scores or even participation the print competition process.  It can be earned by TPPA members and spouses and any dues paying member, including Staff Associates.

The Full Fellowship Degree requires a total of 100 points.  At least 10 of these must be received from having images score 80 or above at the Annual TPPA Photographic Competition.

To start keeping up with your Fellowship points, email Steve Kozak.  You will be sent an invitation through email via Google Drive to access your records.  Once you open the document, you simply type into the document to tally the points you have earned under each year and for each qualifying section.

This document is yours to continue updating and adding points as you earn them. Please bookmark the page and keep up with your login information.

Once you are eligible for one of the Fellowship Awards or additional bars, you must complete the Fellowship Award Application. The officers of TPPA would like to recognize members who earn these important awards and present them in front of the membership. This us usually done at the Awards Banquet at our Summerfest event, but they can also be presented at the TPPA membership meeting at the Photogenesis.

Points are accumulated in the following manner.  Points should be sent in during the year in which they were earned.  Some points may be grandfathered, such as holding office, receiving PPA degrees, presenting programs to guilds, etc.  If you have any questions about the Texas Fellowship Degrees, please contact Steve Kozak.