Which membership is right for me?

Professional Membership or Active Membership.

Professional Membership lets us know you are working as a full-time or part time photographer, or you aspire to become a professional photographer and plan to start earning some income from your images.

Active Membership lets us know you are not a working photographer, but you are primarily interested in learning all you can about photography and you most likely don’t have any interest in doing photography for a living.  Member benefits are exactly the same for Active Members as they are for Professional Members.

Each of these memberships allow you to choose whether you want to pay your dues annually or monthly.

If I am not a pro, why would I join a professional association?

TPPA is a non-profit association with the primary objectives of educating photographers, helping them grow their business and to foster a supportive community engaged in all things photography.

We know you will find yourself right at home as we provide programing for all types of photography including: landscapes, floral, wildlife, find art, still life and so much more.

If you really want to learn photography, there is not better place to learn than from the pros!

Can I change my membership later?

Absolutely!  We frequently find our Active Members changing to Professional Memberships after being inspired to start selling their work.  You can also change from monthly dues to annual dues any time.


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