The Professional Photographer’s of San Antonio is a group of photographers working together to improve their businesses by increasing their knowledge and skills. This is accomplished through educational programs, sharing among members and print competitions. The organization conducts monthly meetings on the third Wednesday with speakers from some of the finest photographers across Texas and the nation.  Those in the association are also committed to raising public understanding and appreciation of professional photography in the community through print displays and other functions which allow members to display the quality and diversity of their work.

A final goal of PPSA is to foster good relationships among professional photographers in San Antonio and develop a camaraderie among members which leads to sharing professional experience and knowledge. How would I benefit by being a part of PPSA? Those in the association learn from each other and from the association’s programs, building both business and photographic knowledge. They gain great credibility from their business, and forge strong and beneficial friendships with other area professionals. They hone their photographic skills, technically and artistically, by competing with each other and trading notes about their methods. Together they raise the sights of professional photographers in the community, working toward standards which will earn a place of respect and a good livelihood in the community for those willing to work hard enough.