What is Texas PPA?

Founded in 1898, Texas PPA (Texas Professional Photographers Association) has served as the voice of professional photographers and photographic enthusiasts and has set the standards for photographic education for generations.

Our mission at Texas PPA is to provide all photographers with an opportunity for success regardless of their professional aspirations, creative desires or personal interest in the craft of photography. The fact is, there are as many ways that one can experience a lifetime love for photography as there are photographers with cameras.

TPPA is a Non-Profit Association
According to the Bylaws under which we operate, the purpose of the Texas Professional Photographers Association, Inc. is:

  • To advance photography in all its branches both as an art and a profession
  • To promote, foster, and maintain cordial relations, cooperation and interchange of thought and opinion freely among its members
  • To educate its general membership as to the many benefits to be derived from competitors helping each other improve their work
  • To oppose violations and infringements of the rights of professional photographers as individuals
  • To raise the standing of the profession in the eyes of the public
  • To cooperate with all agencies, departments, or organizations, either governmental or private, having to do with any phase of the profession of photography
  • To act as a clearing house for funds collected from its members and other sources for promoting professional photography, maintaining and publishing a magazine for the Association for communicating with its members and delivering technical information for educational purposes.

At then end of the day, everything we do is to foster the education, business skills and engagement of our members.

Texas PPA is a Leader in Education
We go above and beyond to provide innovative and inspiring opportunities for photographers to improve their photographic skills. We welcome working pros, serious enthusiasts, students enrolled in the study of photography and casual amateurs. From intensive classes at our Texas School of Professional Photography to our open arms concept with the I Heart Photography Conference and Expo to our year-round programs that make up our TPPA Events, TPPA has something for photographers of all skill levels.

Texas PPA is Fun
One thing is for sure, TPPA events are fun. From the comradery created on our photo outings to the legendary parties at Texas School, TPPA members have a great time. It is building friendships, breakthrough conversations that take place in small groups and building those important connections with vendor partners that are at the heart of a TPPA Event. Ask any member who has been to a TPPA event and they will tell you that those are why they continue year after year.

Texas PPA is Affiliated
logoThe Texas Professional Photographers Association is the largest state affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America with over 1200 of top photographers in Texas plus over 40 other states around the country. Our affiliation with PPA helps us bring in speakers from all over the US and opportunities for us to provide our members with PPA Merits that are earned toward the various PPA degrees.

Texas PPA is Value
With so much live and hands-on education and strategic networking opportunities along with a subscription to The Photographer magazine, you might think that is more than enough for your $95 a year membership. But at TPPA, we go above and beyond to create added value to your membership. We introduced our partnership with Office Depot and Office Max which generated wonderful savings for TPPA Members.

For 2021, we offer the Arlington Camera and Precision Camera Store Discount Cards which save our members 20% on camera bags, tripods and a whole slew of accessories. The savings you get from either of these programs are enough to more than pay of a year’s membership, but there is still so much more. Be sure to look through our entire benefits package.