My name is Steve Kozak, and I am the Executive Director of TPPA.
Whether you just signed up for our Texas School of Professional Photography, or if you joined TPPA because of everything we have to offer our members, we are excited to have you as a new member and we look forward to serving you.
I will be sending you a few emails over the next few days to help you get the most out of your new TPPA Membership and to get you plugged into all of the benefits of your membership.
A Note to our Out of State Members
We have noted that you are not living in Texas. Knowing you live outside Texas, TPPA has a pretty good system that will keep you from getting a bunch of unwanted email.
Even if you live outside Texas, we have a lot to offer including The Photographer Magazine, online seminars, our TPPA 365 digital library and so much more.
You are even eligible to enter our TPPA Annual Photographic Competition in March. This is why we will be sending you important emails that relate directly to your membership. See TPPA Emails Below.
Let’s Get Started
To access your TPPA Membership Card, download the Wild Apricot App on your phone and log into your TPPA Profile on the App with your email address and password. Once you are logged in, you will see your card. You can also print your card from your computer.
In a few weeks, you will be receiving a packet with your membership decal, frame-able placard. We will also email your Membership Certificate.
You will also start receiving our outstanding magazine, The Photographer. It is published by-monthly, so depending on when you joined, it could take 4-6 weeks before you receive your first issue. In the meantime, you can always view the current issue as well as the entire archive on our magazine website,
Want to get TPPA Updates at your fingertips?
Get TPPA Updates sent right to your phone. Simply text the word, ‘Member’ to 1-844-457-8598.
TPPA Emails
We want you to know the TPPA does not share your email address with any third party vendors. TPPA uses your email address to keep you up to date and informed with items of interest to your membership.
Please do not unsubscribe from any of our emails. Unsubscribing from any one of our emails will end our ability to send you any of the above emails. We promise not to flood your inbox.
We make sure that what we send is valuable to your investment in your membership.
TPPA Update: This email comes once per month and discusses upcoming events you will want to know about, reminders pertaining to leveraging your membership, and opportunities for you to get involved.
TPPA Events: These emails are sent various times throughout the year to let you know about our upcoming events. TPPA is an active group offering many opportunities for you to get involved throughout the year. Expect a few more emails than usual leading up to bigger events and busier seasons.
When you sign up for a class, we will provide your email address to the instructors so that they may reach out to you with important details about the class.
That’s it for now. Watch for my next email explaining the various TPPA Events you will not want to miss!