TPPA works hard to keep you up to date and plugged in. We do this through a variety of websites and through social media.
In this issue, I will share with you how to keep on top of all that TPPA has to offer and how to navigate the various outlets we use to help you get more from your membership.
I know, it is a funny name. But Wild Apricot is a membership database used by many associations, including TPPA, for keeping up with its members. All membership data is entered and maintained on this site, as well as dues payments and renewals, event payments and contact information that we need to maintain your membership.
Everything dealing with membership can be handled at
As a matter of fact, it is a great idea for you to go there now. Add your headshot, website and make sure we have your contact info. If you wish, agree to allow the public to see your listing when they are searching for a photographer in the “Find a Photographer” section.
Add your PPA Number, degrees and if you are a CPP. Add sample images. The more complete your profile, the better!

What is TPPA365?

The “TPPA 365” is a library of resources, downloads, studio forms, templates, Photoshop Actions, articles, videos and more created by TPPA members and speakers and supporters.

At, you can you download a free set of custom digital mats, watch videos on sport posing and download free studio forms. You can watch video critiques provided by the judges on images entered into the TPPA Annual Photographic Competition. All this and more is in TPPA 365 and is FREE to all TPPA Members. We are always adding more and more content, so check in frequently.

Keep Up with TPPA at

We use to keep you up to date and informed. Here, you can find out all about upcoming TPPA Events, links to our monthly newsletters, Vendors Row, and applications to volunteer or to speak at an event. We also publish the President’s Message and so much more.
Spend some time at and get to know all we have to offer.
Get TPPA Updates sent right to your phone.
Simply text the word, ‘Member’ to 1-844-457-8598.

The Photographer Magazine

Of course, The Photographer Magazine is a printed publication that is mailed to TPPA Members 6 times a year.
We also have a website for our magazine that is an excellent resource for learning, and it is open 24 hours a day. We keep an extensive archive of previous issues as well as a full version of our current issues. You will also find links to advertisers and a searchable list of articles by topic and writers. All of this and more is at

Texas School of Professional Photography

Everything you need to know to keep up with Texas School is on our school website at Read about our classes and instructors and register. You know you want to!

Want to have the latest news from Texas School right at your fingertips?
Sign up for Texas School updates that can be sent right to your phone.
Simply text the word, ‘School’ to 1-844-457-8598.
TPPA on Social Media
TPPA has five outlets on Facebook. Here is a list of groups and pages you will want to bookmark:
Well, we have made it to the end of this series introducing you to all things TPPA. I hope you have found it helpful and that you will dig in and get involved.
If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you. Simply drop me an email at
I look forward to meeting you in person at a TPPA event, soon.