Local Photographer’s Work Honored at State Exhibition

(YOUR NAME) of (YOUR STUDIO) is honored by peers and jurors for high-quality photography.

(YOUR CITY, STATE)(TODAY’S DATE)(A PHOTOGRAPH/PHOTOGRAPHS) created by (NAME) of (STUDIO) in (CITY) (HAS/HAVE) recently earned the “Honor of Exhibition” at the Texas Professional Photographers Association’s (TPPA) Annual Photographic Competition at the La Torretta Resort in Conroe, Texas. This Photographic Competition is held in conjunction with TPPA Summerfest, an annual convention and expo for professional photographers throughout Texas and the Southwest.

A panel of 12 eminent jurors from across the United States selected the top photographs from over 700 total submitted entries. Judged against a standard of excellence, 200 images were selected for the exhibition and publication in the “Gallery Collection” book published by TPPA.

Titled (“ENTRY TITLE,”) (LAST NAME’S) photograph displayed alongside other top photographic works from the competition.

About TPPA:
Texas Professional Photographers Association (TPPA) the largest state affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America with over a thousand top photographers from Texas as well as almost 40 states around the country.

Founded in 1898, TPPA has served as the voice of professional photographers and has set the standards for professionals for generations. TPPA members also receive an award-winning, bi-monthly magazine, the Texas Professional Photographer, with informative articles to keep them on the cutting edge of today’s technology and to keep them informed of the latest techniques and marketing ideas.

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Texas Professional Photographers Association Inc. has prepared this sample news release with statistics and information that you can use to create your own release, focused on your work. Please SUBSTITUTE THE MATERIAL IN (BOLD PARENTHESES) WITH YOUR OWN INFORMATION, customize the rest, and send it to the local newspaper, post it on your website or blog, etc. If you have additional questions regarding publicity, contact Steve Kozak, TPPA’s Executive Director at 972-601-9070 or at steve@tppa.org.