Well, not really, but my year as TPPA President is coming to an end and this is my final message to you. Of course, there are still a couple of months left and then I’ll still be around another year as Chairman of the Board.

Looking back over the past year, the TPPA board has worked really hard on improving our association to benefit its members and make our association stronger moving forward. We have brought changes to TPPA’s physical structure, bylaws, and to our incredible website. The one accomplishment I am most pleased with is the steps taken to make it easier for some of our members to earn their Full Fellowship degree from their service to TPPA.

It is quite a feeling coming out of a global pandemic to not only see that we have survived but continue to thrive. It is a true testimony to the commitment and perseverance of our entire membership that we can all say loud and proud…
“We are BACK!!!”

In September, Don Dickson had a revealing of the 2023 Texas School instructors list, and what a list it is! Also, as exciting as last year’s pre-con program was, this year we’re in for another treat as Texas School Charities brings us none other than Brian Williams, a popular coach to CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies and one of the highest rated speakers ever at Imaging USA. Brian brings a new perspective to the old business of creating sales messages and presentations that work.

If you attended the recent iHeart Photo Conference & Expo, perhaps you noticed the addition of more social activities, including a golf outing. In addition to the pre-con programs, photo walks, expo, and the incredible list of instructors, attendees were able to gather and hang out at night at the convention hotel. Honestly, that is something I feel was missing from years past, so thank you for suggesting we do this.

As for 2023, I have no doubt that our new Executive Board, along with incoming President, Teri Whittaker, will do amazing things. If you don’t know Teri, she is beautiful inside and out, as well as being very talented and smart…
basically completely opposite of me… which is certainly a plus!

Finally while many of my predecessors have expressed disbelief their year has come and gone. I personally have an overwhelming feeling of regret. It is as if I didn’t do enough for TPPA and its members. We all start this journey with great intentions but then work and life seems to get in the way. Fortunately this feeling of regret will only further motivate me in keeping with my journey of giving back and I would hope I might inspire you to follow that same path.

Thank you again for allowing me this incredible opportunity as it’s been my honor to serve as your 2022 TPPA President.

Best regards,

Robin Janson, TPPA President