Cris Duncan, 2021 TPPA President

Your mind -It can be a powerful ally or a fierce enemy. All too often we forget the power of our mind and the effect it has upon us, our behavior and our beliefs.

While your heart is the key, the heart is influenced by your words, your thoughts and actions. For example, a beautiful senior comes to your studio. You photograph her perfectly! You can already see wall samples, marketing pieces and competition images. Of course, she can’t wait to see the images you created and you are excited to reveal your masterpiece.

The time comes and, with much anticipation, the images are unveiled… “I don’t like myself” are her words that shatter the excitement. While this may be extreme, we all have experienced a situation similar to this. The fact of the matter is that she truly believes she is not beautiful. Did you tell her that? Of course not. Her friends? I doubt it. A parent? Who then? Whoever or whenever may not be known, but to her, the past wound is deep and real. Her mindset shaped her reality.

The question is, what do you think of yourself? The underlying issue is whatever we hear or think about ourselves, whether from our own mind or the carless words or others, will find its way into our heart. It is from our heart that we operate and this deep place that we act and think. Therefore, please do not discount the words you speak as meaningless! Just as you would never tell that senior girl she is not beautiful, you should never tell yourself that are not good enough, capable, talented, smart, loved beautiful or successful.

Before you today are two choices. You have two ways to think- Scarcity or Abundance. How will you choose to live? To create? To react, to give or to take? The scarcity (There is not enough, I can’t, I’ll fail) minded person is typically thinking in terms of negativity. They will face each decision with the cons rather before the pros. Scarcity has a way of showing us doubt before belief. This mindset convinces one of failure before success, defeat before triumph and will ultimately lead to a place with no reward.

Contrast this to the person with an abundance (There is enough, I am able, I will) mindset- The positive thinking individual. This person will see things around them as an opportunity to grow, achieve and bless. The abundance mindset person does not fear failure because they do not doubt their ability. To them, the reward is worth the risk. Each challenge is an opportunity to grow and learn. The abundance mindset realizes that what they think and say has tremendous effects on how they act and succeed. This principle is the backbone of your mindset. You can operate from a place of scarcity or thrive in a world of abundance.

I wish I could say that you can flip a switch and the mindset will change. That is rarely the case. It will and does make a conscious choice to choose abundance. Choose wisely. You have a special gift, a purpose only you can fulfill. Start speaking words of life and not death, of blessings and not curses, of success and not failure. Start today and begin your journey into the place you are meant to be. A place filled with abundance. A placed filled with positivity and life. Start today. Believe in yourself and your heart will soon follow.

Happy Creating,