Cris Duncan, 2021 TPPA President

Half of the year is behind us as is Texas School, Districts, The Mark Bryant event and many other educational opportunities. While many set New Year’s Resolutions and use January 1 as a precipice, some use July 1 to mark the progress of the year and course correct for the year ahead. Others may do this monthly, weekly or daily. The great thing is that there is really no “right” way. There is, however, “your way.”

It occured to me that it is all too easy to compare ourselves to others, what they do and the way they do it, and how we convince ourselves that they must be right. Yes, we can learn from others. We get inspired. We can emulate and implement. But we cannot be someone else. Be careful of celebrating sameness. I believe the world is better when we all can accept our differences and salute our distinctions.

You can only be you and the only person to compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.  I often say and will say again, “It does not matter where you start, but where you go.” With that sentiment, it is time to take a step… a step into success… a step in a new direction… a step forward. All it takes is one step. That is your “One In A Row.”

Any success only takes “One In A Row.” Do one thing and do it well… “One In A Row.” Do another, then another. Do one thing, do it well, do it over and over again until you get it. Then, start over with a new “One In A Row.”

We tend to think long term. Setting goals is important. Striving for a destination is good practice. The trap is not knowing the destination, but rather how to get there. The process is the education. The journey is where wisdom is discovered and we soon find that the destination is just another stop on the trail and we begin again… “One In A Row.”

I do not know where you are today… your talent, circumstance, success or failure. However, what I do know is that you do not have to stay there. It is okay to be okay, but it is not okay to stay that way. Start today. Take a step that only you can take. You don’t have to know the destination at this moment, but you can’t get there by staying where you are.

Today is your day… a day to move forward. All you need for momentum is “One In A Row.”

Happy Creating,

Cris Duncan
TPPA President