TPPA 2023 President Teri Whittaker

We are well into 2023! How are you doing? Have you identified a business practice that you would like to implement this year? Maybe you have determined that you need to revamp your workflow, or you want to dip your toes into mixed-media art. Whatever your goals are for the year, I hope you are well on your way to developing a game plan to accomplish them. Once you have a plan of action, find a friend who would be willing to keep you accountable, or hire a coach to help you follow through!

Remember that TPPA also has resources to help you out online such as TPPA 365 and our online events. Be sure to check out our TPPA Spring Workshops and, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to register for Texas School. It’s not too late.

Each resource or event has its own benefits. Online resources are great when you need a quick way to access information on a particular immediate need or, at your convenience, you can spend a little time learning something new. I have really appreciated TPPA online events such as Guy T’s “What’s New In Lightroom” and the iHeart ‘preview programing’ as a way to share information and connect us all at one time in this very large state of ours. We don’t have to wait until Texas School or I-Heart to see each other’s faces and say “Hi!” A plus is that, if you can’t make the online event, they are recorded and you can watch them later.

While online opportunities are great and have their place, in-person opportunities are still very important. Not only do you get valuable information from the speakers and instructors, you also learn many useful tips in random conversations with other attendees. There have been many times when I’ve commented about something I want to do or something I’m struggling with and someone will tell me, “Oh, I do this and it works great for me!” In-person events are a great place to meet and know people in a way that is just not possible online. Over the years, I’ve grown as a person and as an artist because of the encouragement from these same people that I am now honored to call friend. That is what I want for each of you… to find lifelong friends and encouragers! A virtual hug will never compare to the real thing.

Before I close, I wanted to give a big “THANK YOU” to our advertisers who support this magazine and to Bill Hedrick, our editor, who does an incredible job on every issue. Now, I want you all to GO FORTH AND CONQUER! You got this!

Best regards,

Teri Whittaker, TPPA President