This series provides valuable tips and ideas on improving your photography and your business from a variety of industry experts.

Meet The Team

Join the TPPA Officers and staff for an evening of introductions, conversation and Q&A about all things TPPA.

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Image Competition:  What Are You Afraid Of?

Brad Barton walks you through some of the
most common excuses that people use
to avoid Image Competition and how
to overcome them.

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What’s New in Lightroom

Did you know that Adobe updates Lightroom every
other month?  In this series, Guy T Phillips walks you
through the most recent updates and
improvements to Lightroom,

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Light Meters 101

In this episode, Steve Kozak walks you through using
your in-camera meter and getting proper exposure.
Then, he teaches how to use a hand-held meter why
it is such an important tool for photographers.

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So, You Bombed at Image Competition?  What to do Next!

In this episode of Secrets to Success, Rick Avalos, Allison Watkins and Daniel Fermaint share their insights into how to get back in the game after you have bombed at image competition.

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Building Your Mastermind

Cris & Deanna Duncan, Allison Watkins, Elizabeth & Trey Homan, Kibbee Walton and Jonathon & Lindsay Betz give you an inside look into the benefits or creating a Mastermind group.

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“One Simple Thing”

In this episode, Elizabeth Homan shares one simple thing you can do, right now, to increase your sales.

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