Tammy Graham
Ft. Worth

At Imaging USA this past January, PPA put out a message about the widening gap between photographers and their consumers.  The premise is that consumer habits and expectations are always shifting and that photographers may not be keeping up with the evolution of the consumer – and are stuck in their old way of doing business.

At TPPA, we agree with this premise.

As the largest PPA Affiliate, TPPA is positioning itself to be the leading association for helping its’ members succeed artistically and financially.  We continue to bring top educators to our events to show us how to get better at our craft and growing our business. Following PPA’s lead, we will also incorporate programming that includes:

  • Understanding the changing photographic marketspace
  • Connecting photographers to their consumers
  • Developing a healthy small business mindset
  • Understanding sales

“How is business?”  The answer to that question depends on who you talk to.

Every day, someone on social media is out there complaining about how bad things are and how people are not buying photographs.  For the photographers doing the complaining, that is probably their reality…but we can cite countless examples of photographers who are doing a tremendous amount of business and generating record numbers.  So, what makes these two photographer types so different?   We are going to dive into this at Summerfest.

Our first effort in addressing these topics will take place at our “Making Money Super Monday” event.  You will see and hear a number of presentations that will impact how you look at your business and how you respond to changing consumers.

We plan to dig deeper into the conversation and to provide you with the tools that can make a difference in how you connect with your customers.

The truth is, consumers have never had so much disposable income and they are willing to spend it in greater amounts than ever before.  We are going to show you how to develop a healthy small business mindset so that you can get your share.

Sir Isaac Newton stated, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  To put this another way, we say, “spend the money so you can make money.”  We believe that your investment in attending Summerfest will come back to you in real dollars as you put what you learn into use.

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