Ross Benton,
TPPA President 2019

As we head into this new year, it is my hope that you’re as excited as I am about all the opportunities that are on the horizon. In a fast-paced world like ours, we have the privilege of capturing moments in time for families and clients that they can treasure and that can help them slow down just enough to focus on what – and really who – matters most.

As 2019 gets going, I’ve been preparing for one of my personal favorite opportunities of the new year:  rodeo time in San Antonio! I have been putting in lots of extra hours reaching out to different donors and organizations to sponsor youth scholarships as part of my work on the Calf Scramble Committee, and have come to realize that people love being given the opportunity to make a difference. My stack of “thank you” notes to write is growing by the day as more and more people gladly and willingly sign up to give because they see the impact their donation can make in a child’s life.

Hopefully you can see the impact your photographs can make in a family’s life and in a business’s mission.  I have found that by approaching a session as a servant first and as a photographer second, my clients have a better experience, and I have a better time! Making a decision to approach every job as a servant reminds me that my calling is not primarily about how many tasks I can complete, but about how many people I can help. This is what makes a lasting impact.

Who can you serve in 2019?

As we seek to grow in our craft so that we can better serve our clients, I want to remind you that the Texas School of Professional Photography Conference is only a few months away. Mark your calendars for April 28 through May 3 at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas. Last year, we had over 1,000 photographers attend. This year, we’re looking forward to seeing even more of you!  You can register for the conference by going to

Please join me in looking for opportunities to serve in 2019. After all, there is nothing more fulfilling than using your gifts and talents to serve others. This year, make a resolution not only to capture beauty with your camera, but to create beauty in the lives of others with your spirit of service!

All the best,
Ross Benton
TPPA President