Jenny Eisenhauer
2020 TPPA President

Photography businesses have already conquered a tumultuous change. We’ve overcome a decline in what our perceived value is as an industry and have seen newcomers climb into the market with little training or investment and be successful. In response, we have revamped and refocused. Each one of us has already overcome so much.

Now is a trying time, no doubt. Even as I write this, we are still in free fall. By the time you read it, I can’t even make an educated guess as to what will be going on in the world. Even so, there are truths that have been proved over time.

“There is no try, do.” (Yoda)  This is no time for us to sit back on our haunches. What we would have given a year ago to have one week in our home with or without family, possibly uninterrupted. Do not sit back. Catch up! Spend time with family, relax, and sleep. Use your time purposefully to clean out the studio, plan, and create. Plan. Prepare for the flood of clients. I do believe the wave that is coming will be spectacular.

“Prior proper planning prevents poor performance,” Gary Snead, my cousin, said early and often. Can you sit down and honestly evaluate your business?  Interview your family. What are their priorities and goals and how does that affect your business? Look at your time spent “working.” Look at your expenses and look at your costs. Research new ideas, new labs, new products, new clients, business models, and marketing ideas. Follow your dreams down the rabbit trail to imagine where changes might take you. This time could change your life! Make changes to increase your value, your profits, your time at home with family. As for the future, plan your success now and watch it unfold as you work toward your goals.

“If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got.” (Lee Iacocca)  I moved about as slow as a sloth when I was a kid. My mom said I had two modes: slow and slower. I have no idea why, even now. But if you know me, you know this has changed over time. You can change how you use your time as well. You can learn how to be more productive, to narrow your focus, and move faster toward goals. You can attack your plans with gusto and confidence, knowing where it might take you. The investment is real and the rewards can be tremendous.

“Help” anyone who has ever lived. We all need help at some point. My favorite thing about TPPA, beyond great educational opportunities and fantastic events, is the fact that I make friends here. Even more so, I have known some of these friends so long that I would consider them family. They have called me on the carpet. They have seen through any facade.  They have called to check on me. They have showed up to help second shoot or photograph beside me. TPPA is my village. These are my people.

The Texas School of Professional Photography is an incredible opportunity to have your empty cup filled, strength renewed, and creativity fueled. Don Dickson has been able to move the dates and keep your hotel arrangements. Most instructors have responded that they are all in.  Won’t you join us for an incredible and memorable year? Those new dates are August 30 thru September 4, 2020, in Addison, Texas. Pre-con classes will be on Saturday, August 29. Register online at

During this time, I hope you will reach out to your village if you need help. Photographers are not alone. All small businesses are vulnerable and no man is an island in our efforts to move through this. Our strength comes from learning from each other, growing together, and rising together. An incredible opportunity is before us. Society is being brought back to core values of kindness, relationships and doing good.  Let us be prepared to capture these beautiful new relationships, these precious moments.

May we stay ever hopeful,
Jenny Rhea Eisenhauer
TPPA President