Jenny Eisenhauer
2020 TPPA President

‘Tis the Season

Texas is experiencing it’s first real FALL at the appropriate time for the first time in years!  Thank you for the change up 2020~

As photographers wrap up fall sessions, schools and sports, and are about to jump in full throttle to the Holiday Season with Christmas Card and Santa sessions, I would like to ask, “How are you?”

How ARE you?

Photographers, usually being small business owners, have seen the best of times and the worst of times in 2020.  We have ridden the wave, been sucked under, ridden high, and paddled our way through unprecedented times.  Please take a moment to congratulate yourself on MAKING IT to today!

Whether you have “pivoted” (I hate that word), found another job, hired help, changed focus, took a break, or just SURVIVED the last 6 months, WE ARE HERE. We have made it to today! Today is a day to be celebrated.

November and December are typically the busiest and best time for photographers as families celebrate together and share with others.  I hope this is true for you. May your calendar be booked.  May your phone only ring with qualified clients. May your sleep be deep. May your computer be fast and secure. May your memory cards be full of smiles. May your planning be wise.  May you be more productive than you have been in months. May your hand sanitizer be like the loaves and fishes and just keep on pumping.

Our industry is filled with people who love our craft, who excel and share their knowledge, and those who choose to be heros every day. I am thankful for photographers like you.

It has been a pleasure to be your President through this tumultuous year.  Writing these articles remind me that we all need a positive force in our lives to encourage us when we aren’t able to do that for ourselves.  I hope you have met someone in the TPPA Family of Photographers who can be your cheerleader.  What a joy it is to see each other at events and get these positive “bumps” along our year.  For me, these bumps happen in January @ Imaging USA, February @ TPPA Image Competition, April @ Texas School, and October @ iHeart Photography Conference.  I have missed seeing you and it is my prayer that I will be able to see you all soon! Good news: Texas School Registration will be here before we know it! Mark your calendars for January 3, 2021, at 11:00 pm.  Texas School 2021 is April 25-30.

May we see the end of the 2020 Covid-19 quarantine season and celebrate together soon!

All the best,
Jenny Rhea Eisenhauer
TPPA President