Texas PPA holds three Image Competitions:  Photographic Open, Artist, and Wedding (each described below) The purpose of these competitions is to allow the entrant to measure their skills against a standard of excellence. TPPA judges use 4 elements– Impact, Technical Excellence, Composition and Creativity to determine whether an image meets the level of a High-Quality Professional Image.

Impact– Is the image compelling? Does it evoke a discernible emotion that is relevant to the story and category? Impact can be immediate, fleeting and/or lasting. 

Technical Excellence– Does the image excel in objective technical areas such as exposure, color balance, lighting, dynamic range as well as being absent of other technical flaws such as dust spots, moire, chromatic aberration, banding, clone tracks and the like. 

Composition- The visual elements of an image come together to express intent, whether that’s to please the viewer or otherwise. The viewer’s attention is captured and directed where the artist plans it to be. Jurors may also consider whether the subject matter is relevant and central to the story being told. 

Creativity – The image is original, fresh, and an external expression of the maker’s imagination. Jurors may also consider any techniques that are used to best express the story of the image.

Click here to download the complete set of competition rules.