10665870_10154598548495158_7435139707086199365_nOur mission at TPPA is to provide all photographers with an opportunity for success regardless of their professional aspirations, creative desires or personal interest in the craft of photography. The fact is, there are as many ways that one can experience a lifetime love for photography as there are photographers with cameras. It is the goal of TPPA foster the education, inspiration and success of all photographers and to create a network of diverse artist to share ideas, inspire one another and to support each others goals.

People discover photography at very different times in their lives and in very different ways. Some get a camera and are satisfied with simply taking photos. For others, photography gets into their heart and soul and the quest to learn more and the pursuit of the perfect image becomes a passion. We call these people, “TPPA Members”.

At our core, TPPA is an organization of individuals who have committed their lives, time and resources to pursue photography as a profession. Our industry has experienced a great deal of change in the past decade. While some have been impacted negatively by these changes, others have taken advantage of a new way of doing business and created new opportunities for themselves. Perhaps now more than ever, TPPA is committed to the success of the professional photographer.

TPPA also recognizes that many photographers want to produce work at the highest level of quality and are not necessarily interested in financial gain. As an association, we believe these photographers to also be our colleagues and that the opportunity to serve them in their quest for continued growth, is a privilege.

The Pathway to Success
If you are one of those who are on that journey to become an accomplished photographer, TPPA has outlined the “Pathway to Success” to guide you to your destination. This pathway is something of a road map to help you get where you want to go and to do more than you ever thought possible with your photography.

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