If you are a TPPA member and would like to be considered as a speaker or judge for TPPA Affiliates or other professional photographers’ organizations, we would be happy to add your information to this “Speakers” listing. The inclusion of your name is a free service to all TPPA members who’s dues are current and who properly complete the speaker application.

Other than making the member’s name, or any other information available to interested associations, the TPPA board of directors makes no endorsements of the speakers listed below.

Brad Barton
Steve Kozak
Dwayne Lee
Roy Nierdieck
Guy T Phillips

Brad Barton
E-mail: brad@bradbarton.us
Website: www.bradbarton.us
2100 N State Hwy 360 #1906-B
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

“What Are You Afraid Of?” (Short or Day Long)
A competition primer – what to expect in competition, how to enter, what you will get out of it, what makes a merit image, and more.

“Be Noticed – SEO and Social Media for Photographers” (Short Program)
Learn about your personal brand and how to leverage it online in your SEO on your website and blog as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels.

“Basic Compositing” (Short or Long Program)
Learn how to get started creating composite images – how to light for them, how to plan them, and how to use the right combination of tools to put them together.

Brad is a North Texas based artist who tells people’s stories and captures their emotions in sometimes fantastical, sometimes bizarre, sometimes surreal ways. Using his imagination, camera, and digital tools, he has created work for clients big and small. His work has been published in nationally distributed books and magazines, has been featured in feature length motion pictures, and has won numerous awards. He holds Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from Professional Photographers of America and continues to teach and write about art and photography.

Degree/Certifications Earned: M.Photog., Cr
Attended PPA Judging School: No
Speaking Experience: Every guild in Texas, Texas PPA, and Virginia PPA
Speaker Fee: I am working on my PPA Degrees and willing to speak for guild honorariums plus merit(s).


Steve Kozak

Website: www.stevekozak.com
5323 Fig Tree Ln
Grand Prairie, Texas 75052

“The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro!”
Do you love photography and working with people? Are you getting requests from people wanting you to photograph them? Perhaps you thinking that photography would be a fun way to make a living but you just aren’t sure how to get started or what kind of equipment you should buy? Then, this is the program for you!

This program seeks to help you build a solid foundation on which to build a successful career in professional photography as well as getting clients in the door.
Steve Kozak will cover a lot of ground in this program! His down-to-earth presentation looks at photography from three aspects: The Fundamentals, The Business and The Art. From learning the tools of the trade to creating a professional image for your business, Steve shares his insight to help you turn your passion for photography into a profession.

• Selecting and Using Professional Studio Lighting
• Selecting and Using Professional Cameras
• Posing and Lighting in the Studio
• Creating Elegant Portraits on Location
• Getting Your Business Off the Ground
• Marketing Professional Photography and Finding Clients
• Developing Pricing Strategies for Profit

“The Road to Success Requires 4-Wheel Drive”
How can you tell if you are becoming the photographer you want to be if you don’t know where you are headed? In this program, Steve Kozak shares his insights and experience in helping you to determine the direction of your business and defining your career. By expanding upon sound principles of a 4-Wheel Drive business, Steve challenges the photographer to create a career that is built by default rather than by design.

This class will help you:
• Creating marketing excellence
• Finding your marketing message
• Pricing strategies for tough times
• Creating a “sticky” business
• Building Customer Loyalty
• What Every Photographer Should Know
• How You Can Help Your Clients Spend More
• Layout a plan for building your business
• Marketing your photography and finding new clients
• Establishing a year-round marketing calendar
• Writing effective ad copy
• Determining a plan for career and personal growth

“When It’s Time For a Change”
Steve Kozak owned and operated two leading portrait studios in the East Texas area. Like most studios, his business was built on Weddings, Seniors, Children, Families and Glamour. Both studios enjoyed a strong reputation, a generous volume, and impressive facilities. But after 12 years of studio photography, Steve discovered these two revelations: “I wasn’t making enough money!” and “My heart just was not in it anymore!” This program takes you through the journey that turned it all around.
For anyone who has ever experienced “burn-out” or for anyone whose career is not providing meaningful creative and financial rewards, IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE!

This program seeks to help you:
• Re-gain the passion for your work and what you do as a photographer.
How to break the cycle of doing ordinary photography.
Establishing yourself as an artist.
• Discover and cultivate the artist within.
Are photographers really artists?
Learn what really motivates your photography
• Elevate the quality of your work at the camera and the presentation.
Developing a photographic style.
Presenting your photography as a work of art.
• Discover the means to make a living with a lifestyle that brings fulfillment.
Developing successful pricing strategies
Using the “Component” system for pricing
Adding “perceived value” to pricing
“Re-inventing” Yourself

Landscape and Scenic Photography
There may be no better way for portrait and wedding photographers to renew, refresh and reignite their passion for people photography than to get out into the great outdoors. Join Steve Kozak  as he takes you on an inspiring journey to rejuvenation through his years of travel photography into locations such as Monument Valley, The San Juan Mountains, The Outer Banks and Sonoma County, California.

Discover why Steve was recently listed as one of Outdoor Photographer Magazine’s “Top Pros”, as he shares his techniques for getting great landscape images and how to incorporate new ways to look at your client work.

Other programs include:

“Preparing for PPA Certification”  – Steve is a PPA Approved CPP Instructor
“Fundamentals Of Flash Photography”

“Studio Lighting”
“Fundamentals of Photoshop”
“Advanced Photoshop Techniques”
“The Art of Composition”


Steve currently serves on the PPA Board of Directors. He also serves as Board Liaison to the PPA Certification Committee and to PPA Charities. He is also a PPA qualified instructor for PPA Certification prep classes. Steve currently serves as the Executive Director for the Texas Professional Photographers Association.

He has taught 17 years at the prestigious Texas School of Professional Photography and 13 years at Imaging USA. He has also taught at the Mid-America Institute of Professional Photography, the New York Society of Professional Photographers and at Image Explorations near Victoria, British Columbia. He has written for Texas Professional Photographer and The Professional Photographer magazines. Steve has recorded over a dozen videos for the PPA EDU program. These videos include classes on the fundamentals of photography, manual flash photography, exposure, opening a new studio as well as videos for CPP study preparation.

Steve Kozak’s work has appeared in the “Loan Collection” and at the exhibit by Kodak and Walt Disney World that is held at EPCOT in Orlando, Florida. Professional recognition of his work includes the Masterpiece Award from Fuji Film USA.

His motivational and informative programs make him a popular speaker and lecturer on the program circuit.

Degree/Certifications Earned: Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, CPP
Attended PPA Judging School: Yes
Speaking Experience:  Imaging USA, Texas School, Image Explorations, Mid-America Institute of Professional Photography, East Coast School of Professional Photography, PPA EDU, MAIPP, State Conventions and Local Guilds
Sponsors: H&H Color Lab, MAC Group

1425Dwayne Lee

Website: www.sflair.com
2214 W. Park Row
Arlington, Texas 76013

“Mind Your Own Business!”
Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about YOUR business. Professional photographers are more prone to consider themselves to be artists than business experts. And just look in history to what has happened to a vast majority of artists over time – they’ve either lived in poverty or gone bankrupt. That’s the very reason you need to attend this program! Ignoring or not paying enough attention to YOUR business can prove disastrous to your business. This program is going to be very pro-active. We’re going to be solving problems as we go. We will be looking at your studio’s location, products, and services. We’ll explore how to price you products to include profit. And we’ll be looking at a lot of administrative issues that no one really wants to spend time thinking about, but some of these areas can make a give you huge returns if they are handled properly. It’s been my observation, for many years, that you can be a fabulous photographer with little or no business skills and struggle to survive. But I’ve also observed that you can be an average photographer with excellent business skills and make lots of money! Professional photographers, as a general rule, don’t attend programs that don’t contain lighting and posing instructions or describe the newest, latest, and greatest gee-whiz digital toys out there. Those who attend this program, listen, and implement the needed changes in their businesses will be well underway to being in the successful category! Will you be there?

“The ABC’s (Absolutely Brilliant Concepts) of Becoming More Profitable”
Want to make and KEEP more money in your business? This fast paced, results-oriented program, “The ABC’s (Absolutely Brilliant Concepts) of Becoming More Profitable”, will equip those in attendance with the necessary skills and techniques that will make them one of the most profitable portrait/wedding studios in their area. These are not theories, but actual proven strategies that you will be able to take home and immediately put into practice in your business. You will learn what it takes to 1) create a market desire for your studio, and 2) help you make significantly more money in doing so. Here’s just a sample of what will be covered: • How to attract the ‘right’ clients, and how to get paid very handsomely for your time and talents, • Proven marketing and sales strategies that will keep your phones ringing and your cash register singing, • Maximizing sales and profits from every client, This program is a ‘must-see’ program for anyone looking to improve his or her bottom line and profits. Loaded with innovative ideas, “The ABC’s (Absolutely Brilliant Concepts) of Becoming More Profitable” program is designed for all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). With the many ideas and strategies learned in this program, you will gain an understanding as to how to make your business enjoyable again.

“Winning with Weddings: Selling the Extras”
A comprehensive, fast paced, results-oriented workshop, “Winning with Weddings” will equip those in attendance with the necessary strategies and techniques that will make them one of the most desired portrait/wedding studios in their area. Using weddings as the springboard, you will learn what it takes to 1) create a market desire for your studio, and 2) help you make significantly more money in doing so. Here’s just a sample of what will be covered: • How to attract the ‘right’ brides/weddings, and how to get paid very handsomely for your time and talents, • Proven marketing and sales strategies that will keep your phones ringing and your cash register singing, • Maximizing sales and profits from every Bride, • Access to a multitude of studio forms and promotions, This program is a ‘must-see’ program for anyone looking to improve his or her bottom line and profits. Loaded with innovative ideas, “Winning with Weddings: Selling the Extras” is designed for all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). With the ideas and strategies learned in this program, you will gain an understanding as to why weddings can be a fun market to develop and gain the success you deserve.

Dwayne Lee, M.Photog.,Cr.-API, owns Southern Flair Photography in Arlington, Texas. Having photographed over 3,800 weddings in the past 37 years, Southern Flair also features portraits of children, high school seniors, and families. Dwayne has presented numerous business and photography programs at the local, state, and national levels. Currently Secretary of the Southwest Professional Photographers Association, he is also a Past President of the Texas PPA, belongs to and is a TPPA Councilor to PPA, and is a member of the International Christian Photographers, WPPI, and Ft. Worth Professional Photographers Association. His other affiliations include being Past President of the Association of Wedding Professionals in Dallas and Past President of the Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club.

Degree/Certifications Earned: Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman
Attended PPA Judging School: No.
Speaking Experience:  Each and every local Guild in Texas, state conventions in Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, Arkansas, and Tennessee.
Sponsors: Pounds Labs (Carl Clark, 512.632.0433)

Roy Nierdieck
E-mail:  rnierdieck@me.com
Website: RedDragonPhotos.com
113 Golf Crest Cove
Lakeway, TX 78734

Nature in general and birds in particular, are interesting and beautiful subjects to observe and photograph.  The variety of shapes, sizes and colors makes them fascinating subjects and the best part is- you don’t have to go to far-off, exotic and hard to reach places to photograph them.  There are many places within easy travel distances, even your own backyard, that will give you the opportunity to capture beautiful images, but their lively and secretive nature makes them challenging to shoot.

Join us for an evening of fun and education on how and where to capture images of this amazing creature.  Some of the topics to be covered are:

  • Where to photograph
  • Equipment
  • Settings
  • Bird Behavior
  • Approaching
  • Photography Etiquette
  • Editing

Roy Nierdieck is a Master Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer, 2021 Austin Photographer of the Year and owner of Red Dragon Photography in Lakeway, Texas. He is a member of the American Society of Photographers, Professional Photographers of America, Texas Professional Photographers Association and the Austin Professional Photographers Association. He is active in image competition, having received two gold medals in International Image Competition and in 2021, he had the highest scoring image in the Pennsylvania and Colorado state competitions, with a perfect “100” score in Colorado. Roy is a graduate of Texas A&M University and worked as a photographer for the university during his undergraduate studies there.   Although he likes to do and will do any type of photography, nature photography is his love and passion.

Degree/Certifications Earned: Master of Photography, Certified Professional Photographer
Attended PPA Judging School: No
Speaking Experience: Yes, Austin PPA, Texas PPA
Speaker Fee:  Fees are negotiable, please contact me.

Guy T Phillips
E-mail: whatsthatguysname@live.com
Website: www.whatsthatguysname.com
701 Scottish Mist Trl
Highland Village, TX 75077

“Lightroom, The Basics – PLUS!”
Lightroom, The Basics – PLUS!

“What’s that button do?” “What’s a catalog?” “How do I do that?” Is there an easier way?” These are questions asked all too often in the early stages of working in Lightroom.
Instructor Guy T Phillips is here to help you answer these and many more! This course is all about understanding what Lightroom can do for you so you can do more. Learn what makes up a productive workspace and build time saving presets to help your workflow. Discover the key components that can improve each image and identify shortcuts that increase your efficiency. Before the class is over, you’ll not only know the answers to your original questions – you’ll have a day-to-day workflow that works for you, your style and your studio. Come with an open mind and leave with knowledge that will change your business – and your life!
Note: Bring your computer with the latest version of Lightroom installed! This is definitely “hands-on”!
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
1. Understand the elements of a productive workspace
2. Effectively control the panels within each of the common modules
3. Use key components to improve every image
4. Build time saving Import, Library, Develop and Export presets
5. Identify keyboard shortcuts that will make you more efficient
6. Develop the steps of a day-to-day workflow of your own
7. Locate additional resources to improve your skills

“Getting Started with Light Modifiers!”
Gain confidence with hands-on, while you learn the advantages of each Natural light, Speedlight, Constant Light and Studio Flash. Learn the when and why to choose the right method:
Diffuser / Reflectors
Shoot – Through, White reflective, Silver Reflective Umbrellas
Strip Softboxes
Square Softboxes
Light Stands
Common setups to make your client look their best!

Guy T is a BIG fan of Lightroom, and his enthusiasm for helping you use it will shine through in this class! As a DPPA, TPPA and PPA member, he wants to share his knowledge and give back to the TPPA. Guy T is known throughout the U.S. for his “entertaining” style of corporate-level training that will help you stay engaged throughout the session. Be prepared to have fun and laugh while you learn the things you didn’t pick up from a manual or an online video!
Guy T is a native Texan (San Antonio born and Hill Country-raised), and a 14-year Highland Village resident. His usual, unbiased description of his wife is “She is still the most beautiful woman I have ever met and the best friend I could ever ask for”, and he is equally proud of his “greatest daughter in the world”!

Degree/Certifications Earned:
Attended PPA Judging School: No
Speaking Experience: Texas 10 Workshops, Photogenesis 2017
Speaker Fee: I am willing to speak for guild honorariums plus merit(s).
Fees are negotiable, please contact me.