TPPA is pleased to introduce, TPPA Coach’s Corner.  This new program is for TPPA Members who want to reach a higher level of success with their photography and their photography business.

The program is designed to get you face to face with some of the industry’s top photographers who will coach you and mentor you trough very specific goals.

You will work with your coach to evaluate your areas of concern, then determine a game plan for your success.

The program uses a team approach where you will be with a small group of others who are pursuing similar goals.  We keep our teams small so that everyone receives individual evaluations and direction under the watchful eye of your coach.

Teams will meet with their coach once a week via zoom for a 6-8 week season.  During these training sessions, your coach will give you specific tasks to put into practice and monitor your progress to ensure you are reaching your objectives.  You job will be to work on those assignments and report back the next week to assess your progress.

These training sessions provide a “win-win” as you receive individual coaching directed to your specific needs while providing you with additional insight from seeing others who are working on related strategies.

You could easily pay $800-$1500 for private mentoring,  Coach’s Corner with our “Team” approach is only $295.


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