by Guy T Phillips

When I first started out too few years ago, I had what I thought was a good foundation and a good idea of what was needed to be a professional photographer.  As time rapidly passed, it became evident that, no, I did not.

Thankfully I made at least one good decision, in joining the TPPA.   The friendships I have come to enjoy and the fellowship that I have come to look forward to have made for a great experience that cannot be measured in conventional ways.  It’s as if there is a massive family, scattered all over the Great State of Texas, who will gladly stop what they are doing to help, who will guide you towards your success, and who will become friends who are always just a smile away.  I know that whatever success I can claim, it will be because of the TPPA and the many wonderful members who have enriched my life.

Thanks to the TPPA, I’ve come into my ‘comfort zone’!  As a newbie to the world of ‘Professional Photographer’, my anxiety levels used to be off the charts at times.

“How do I do this?” 

“What’s the best way to do that?” 

Now I know I can depend on the time, talent and treasure that is the TPPA.  Educational opportunities year round, gifted artists with open arms and minds, and resources aplenty have allowed me to rapidly advance my career, isolate and eliminate doubts and fears, and focus on what I do best!

Whether you’re looking to expand your basic skill sets, take your advanced knowledge to another level, participate alongside the best-of-best in image or print competition, or find yourself giving back to the organization through selfless service, the TPPA can be your home away from home!