While many of the following endeavors can be enjoyed by all photographers, those wishing to pursue these interests as a profession should also begin an advanced study of business and marketing principles that are unique to each are of interest.

Commercial Photography including Product, Architecture and Aerial

“In every area or type of photography you choose, there are numerous skills you need to learn and possess to be able to create the best possible images. Commercial photography refers to creating images to sell products and/or services, architecture and aerials.  You see commercial photography every time you open a catalog or see an advertisement on a billboard or the internet. To be a good commercial photographer requires a number of skills, many of which overlap with other areas of photography.

Lighting and composition are two of the things that first come to mind. Learn as much as you can about both. Basic art courses are a wonderful source of inspiration and learning. Light control is one of the most difficult principles to learn. Taking the light off the camera and controlling one to a number of lights can give you control over your subject you could not achieve otherwise. This is the key to light interpretation and mastery.

The camera is merely a tool you used to capture an image. Camera controls are a must to be able to excel in your field. Learn everything you can about each camera and lens and which combination to use. Concentrate on what you trying to achieve without having to stop and worry about your camera functions. Learn and understand the principles of the 18 per cent grey card and when to rely on a grey card and when to use an incident meter.

As with any area of photography, it requires constant learning. One of the best resources we have is the Texas School. Take a class every year if possible. Study and get your certification degree. Print competition is a must to help you learn as you progress in your knowledge.” – Robert Suddarth, Commercial Photographer and TPPA Member

Event Photography including Corporate and Social Events

Fashion Photography including Editorial and Advertising

Fine Art Photography including Still Life, Nudes and Conceptual work

Photo Journalism including News, Sports and Media photography

“Having a background in photojournalism is an added strength in the world of today’s photography practices. Skills such as having the ability to adjust to various situations, as well as being able to do so quickly and efficiently while looking at the situation from multiple angles definitely ads further strength and perspective. Being aware of various lighting options, such as available light, flash and reflective lights adds to one’s capability as well. In addition, quickly knowing the best lens to use in different situations also assists in capturing the situation in a quick, effective manner.” – Hardy Meredith, Photojournalist/Media Photographer and TPPA Member

Landscape Photography including Wildlife, Travel and Publishing

Portraiture including Family, Children, Seniors, Corporate and Pets

Sports Photography including Leagues, Schools, Teams, Dance and more

Wedding Photography including, Bar Mitzvah, Quinceanera and Other Social Events