These were the words that David Boeck said to me when he invited me to serve as a Councilor at Large for TPPA.  That was his response when I said, “But I’m not a photographer.”

Each of us has talents that TPPA needs!  As I have mentioned before, event planning is not my strong suite….as a matter of fact, simple details like napkins and nametags seem to be out of my ability to remember.  But that is ok!  We have other members of TPPA that actually think planning something like Summerfest is fun (can you believe that?).   And that is my point.  You have a skill set that is very different from mine.  I actually enjoy reading by-laws, operations manuals and writing my “President’s Messages”… wife, well let’s just say she finds by-laws much more effective than Ambien.   We need these different skill sets to maintain our growth and to compensate for deficiencies when needed.

I encourage you to reach out and offer your skills.  We need people that enjoy event planning, carrying sound equipment, chauffeuring, by-law reading, socializing, FaceBooking, photographing (events), and…well you get my point.  This is your organization and you can help it become better.  You know what you can do, so reach out to a member of the Executive  Board and say, “I am here, use me!”

Trey Homan
TPPA President